How Much Does A Breast Lift With Implants Cost?

woman looking happily at her breasts

One of the most well-liked cosmetic surgery procedures is breast lift performed together with a breast implant. Most people would like to know how much a breast lift with implants cost before they think of undergoing the procedure. The cost for undergoing the procedure may vary depending on multiple factors. The fee should include the facility fee, surgeon’s fee, anesthesia charges, type of lift, pre and post-operative care. All this depend on the surgeon’s practice.


The surgeons who operate in hospital based practices charge higher than those who operate in outpatient cosmetic surgery facilities. Anesthesia fee varies and it depends on whether you use a physician anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist. The surgeon’s fee may also depend on the regional differences and how competitive the location is. The implant charges also vary widely and it also depends on the type of implant that has been chosen. Silicone implants cost more than the saline implants. The type of lift needed may also affect the cost. A periareolar lift can be done faster than a full inverted T lift with a lollipop in between.


The manufacturer’s warranty policy and the surgeon’s revisional surgery policy need to be put into consideration. It is not necessary sometimes but it is important just in case things don’t work out as planned. That is why you must factor all these into the breast augmentation and implant price you are planning to pay.

woman looking happily at her breasts

When you are asking yourself ‘How much does breast lift with implants cost?’ You need to consider that the cost of the procedure in Midwestern United States ranges from $ 6, 500 to $7, 500. Even though price is an important decision, it is not the only thing you should look at. Consider the surgeon’s experience, reputation, ability to communicate well and how well you rapport with them. It is much better to save and pay a high price and have the procedure done properly than to get it done at a cheap price and risk getting complications.


In the north of NYC, the total cost for a breast lift with implants ranges from $ 7, 500 to $ 9, 000, which is the average cost in most US states.

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