How Much Does A Coolsculpting Machine Cost and Factors That Affect Cost

Whether you want to provide commercial body sculpting services or you want to buy a cryopolisis machine for home use, you most likely want to know the answer to the question how much does a coolsculpting machine cost? The price of a fat freeze machine varies since it is affected by many things. This includes:


Whether you are buying a commercial machine or a machine for home use

Commercial machines tend to be more expensive than machines you can use at home. This is because a commercial machine comes with many features to allow the user to treat as many people as possible within the shortest time frame. Home kits are more simple and straightforward to use, so they are relatively cheaper compared to commercial machines.


The technology used to make the cryolipolysis machine matters

Machines that use more advanced technology tend to cost more. For instance, there are some machines that combine different body care procedures in one machine. For instance, the machine may perform fat freeze removal, skin tightening cellulite removal and facial rejuvenation. Such kind of a machine will cost more than a machine that just focuses on fat freeze removal.


High end machines with state of the art designs are more expensive.  The advantage of high end designs is that they are easy to use and they are more comfortable for patients since they are not as hard as machines made from plastic materials.


Which retailer you are buying from

Check with different retailers and ask them how much does a coolsculpting machine cost? This is because different retailers sell the machines at different prices. Some retailers are affordable while others are expensive. Apart from checking local stores near you, also check with online retailers, as some of them can be much cheaper. However, you have to keep an eye on the shipping fees charged, so that you don’t end up paying a lot of money.


Are you making a bulk purchase or buying a single unit?

If you are buying many machines, buy from a wholesaler, so as to get favorable rates. The more machines you buy, the lower the cost of fat freeze machine will be.


The size of the machine matters

Small portable machines costs much less than bigger machines. Portable machines will give you a lot of flexibility, especially if you will be moving around from place to place. Bigger machines have the advantage of added functionality, which will make it easier for you to use the machine.


The extra services provided are important

Even though buying a package deal might be more expensive, you might get more out of it. For instance, some sellers will provide you with training on how to use the machine. Others will provide you with after sales maintenance services, such that in case the machine gets damaged, they will repair it free of charge.

When you are considering how much does a coolsculpting machine cost? Also consider the payment method accepted by the merchant. Some payment methods may have additional fees, so it is best to use a payment method that doesn’t have additional charges.


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