How Much Does A Neck Lift Cost

Neck lift procedure is one of the most transformative procedures in cosmetic medicine. It’s a surgical procedure that’s used to curb down the aging signs on the neck and also the jawline such as loose neck skin, abnormal contours from muscle banding, excess fat under the chin and so on. One should always consider some questions before having the surgery such as; what are my main reasons for doing the surgery? How much does a neck lift cost? What are the side effects of the procedure? Etc. Once all these questions get answered, then they can determine whether to do the procedure or not.

What does lower rhytidectomy involve?

Lower rhytidectomy addresses problems like too much fat, turkey neck and too much skin on the neck. For the turkey neck, it involves the surgeon making cuts behind one’s ears or under the chin which gives him access to platysma, the neck muscle. Some muscle might get removed at times for this to work.

For too much skin, the practitioner might slightly shave off some skin and lift it into the desired position holding it with stitches or glue.

What is neck contouring surgery?

For a smoother, firmer and more refined chin and neck appearance, neck contouring can be the right procedure to achieve that look. Doing away with wrinkled, sagging neck can make a significant difference even without having to have any changes to the face. The procedure will also assist in the restoration of facial features such as the jawline which acts as a frame to the face. Various approaches can get employed when performing this procedure. For example, a patient that needs to get rid of a sagging neck will have a different contouring procedure compared to one who wants a full reshaping of the chin.

When is the neck liposuction surgery necessary?

Neck liposuction is used to help one achieve a graceful neckline permanently. Its primary goal is to remove excess fat and hence doesn’t really have much effect on the sagging skin. Typically, this procedure is quick for most patients and gets carried out using local anesthesia.

How much does a neck lift cost?

To answer the question “how much does a neck lift cost?” one must consider some factors that will contribute to the total cost. These factors include the techniques used to do the neck lift as it might involve some procedures from neck contouring, neck liposuction, facial procedures and so on. The doctor’s charges and the equipment also used factors in. On average for a total neck lift, one might end up paying between $5,000 and $8,000.

What’s does the neck lift recovery entail?

During the neck lift recovery, one can have a bandage placed on the treated areas that will help in the minimization of bruising and swelling. If necessary, a thin tube can get placed around the affected areas to suck any excess fluid or blood under the skin. Recovery might vary from patient to patient, and it might also depend on the extent of the surgery. The average duration of recovery is about two weeks.

All the procedures mentioned above contribute significantly to answering the question “how much does a neck lift cost?” To determine the cost, you’ll need to find out which procedure fits your needs so as to reduce costs as much as possible.

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