How Much Does Coolsculpting Cost By Procedure

Fat loss is one of the most common struggles that people have in the world today, especially when we look at the challenges in terms of the lifestyle choices and the type of food that people eat. In the event that you have tried your hands on dieting and exercises but just can’t seem to get some good results, coolsculpting could be something you should consider. How much does coolsculpting cost? So many patients worry about this over anything else.

Coolsculpting is basically about freezing the stubborn fats so that you can streamline your body contours. It does not matter how well you are eating or exercising, there is always that part of the body that has stubborn fat deposits that never go away. You also need to think about the cost of coolsculpting before you line up for the procedure.


Instead of giving up altogether, or even trying an invasive technique such as liposuction, you could want to give coolsculpting a shot. Besides, since it is non-invasive, you do not have to worry about the challenges associated with incisions on your body, or any such related phobias.

Coolsculpting in the simplest of terms is a procedure where the fat cells in your body are frozen. The freezing kills these cells and gradually they get released from the body through the natural waste release processes.

How does it work?

Depending on the part of the body that is being treated for cosmetic fat loss, coolsculpting basically involves using a large or small applicator that is attached to a hose, to release cold onto the affected body part. Each of the applicators has two panels and three thousand sensors on either side. In terms of how much does coolsculpting cost, this information will help you a great deal.

There is a gel pad that is used to protect the skin over the part being treated, then the coolsculpting device is powered up. Once it is on, the applicator will securely be positioned over the area to be treated and within a few minutes, you will start feeling the cold sensation.

While undergoing this process, you could also experience aching, tingling, cramping or a stinging feeling, which is normal for such a procedure, and in fact will either reduce or disappear completely as the section being treated gets numb.

It is important for the doctor to make sure that you are comfortable during this procedure. They have to ensure you are in a comfortable position, then allow you to relax while the procedure takes place automatically for almost an hour.

Once your hour of treatment for fat loss without surgery is finished, the doctor will remove the device, then the treated part will be massaged for a while so that normal blood flow can resume. Do not be surprised when you realize that the treated part of the body is, in fact, feeling tender.

In some cases, you might notice the treated area either reddening or temporarily becoming whitish in color. It could also feel rather stiff. However, immediately the procedure is done, you are free to go about your normal activities.


What happens to the fat?

Of course, fat has been frozen in the body, which might have you wondering where it went. This process basically targets fat cells through calibrated temperatures. These cold temperatures will make the fat cells crystallize. In two months or so, the crystallized cells will die, in the process stimulating the immune system to prompt enzymes into action, breaking down the dead and dying fat cells for easy and safe elimination from the body.

Interestingly, when the fat cells have been destroyed through this process, they are eliminated from the body and the fat cells never return. In fact, assuming you were to pack on some weight after this procedure, the excess fat will be deposited anywhere else other than the parts that had already been treated.

What will it cost me?

How much does coolsculpting cost? For a fact, coolsculpting does not come cheap, as is the case with most of the other cosmetic surgery procedures. However, it is, in fact, cheaper than liposuction, and depending on the results you want, the expense could, in fact, be worth your while for safe fat loss.

Basically, the cost will vary from one place to the other and will depend on the physician carrying it out. Assuming you only need a single treatment session, the following are the expenses that you can look forward to:

  • Upper abs and the section between your hips and ribs $800
  • Treating the lower abdominal section $1500
  • Lower and upper abdominal section, and the love handles $3000
  • Treating the love handles only $1500


Generally, on average coolsculpting should cost around $1600, particularly for someone who is not overweight, and who basically wants to sort out some simple trouble areas. Since different areas will need different procedures and perhaps more than one session, the following section covers on average what each problem section will cost you.

The Tummy

This is the most common problem area for a lot of people. Instead of an invasive procedure like liposuction, a lot of people prefer coolsculpting. You will need two separate procedures for this, and it will cost you up to $1800.

The Thighs

Cellulite from the thighs might be impossible to get rid of. For coolsculpting, you will need only one session for each of the thighs, and it will cost you around $1800.

The Butt Area

A lot of people are interested in getting a Brazilian looking butt these days. This is particular with the ladies. If your butt is droopy and fat, you can go for a coolsculpting session and have a nice perky shape for your butt. You will only need one procedure for this, at around $1000.

The Love Handles

Love handles can be such a distraction when you cannot get rid of the fat. It is, however, one of the best candidate areas for coolsculpting. There are doctors that can treat both of your sides in and as one session, while others treat each side separately. This procedure will in most cases cost no more than $1500, and can be as cheap as $500.


Remember that what you pay for your coolsculpting session will in most cases depend on the doctor, because they normally set their own prices based on factors that may not be within your control. This should answer the how much does coolsculpting cost question. The number of sessions you need to get the desired result will also determine how much it will cost you. It is only in extremely rare sessions that people need more than three sessions for a particular part of the body.

Insurance health plans will in most cases not cover coolsculpting. Therefore, if you plan on having one, you should budget for it accordingly, and perhaps save for it.

Coolsculpting or Liposuction?

Having looked at the benefits of coolsculpting, the relative ease and the fact that the discomfort associated with it is minor, there are people who might be considering coolsculpting over liposuction. The ultimate answer that will help you determine which one of these two you should choose, and to settle the coolsculpting vs liposuction debate, will come down to the amount of fat that you are looking to lose.

In order to get rid of the small accumulations in the abdominal section, coolsculpting will come in handy. However, if you are looking to lose larger fat deposits, particularly if you struggle with obesity or the weight you gain after your pregnancy, or perhaps if you are more than 20 pounds overweight, liposuction should be an ideal option.

Liposuction can basically be carried out on any part of the body. However, coolsculpting is generally limited to the abdominal section only. Remember that when it comes to how much does coolsculpting cost, the variables that determine the rates depend on so many factors.

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