How Much Does Liposuction Cost?

Whenever you are planning or thinking about a liposuction, there are constants that you have to think about, such as the level of safety. You also have to ask yourself how much does liposuction cost? Of course, a lot of people at the moment are more drawn to procedures that will not have them break the bank. However, in as much as that is the case, you have to ensure that you do not compromise your safety for the sake of a low price on liposuction. Think carefully about how much does liposuction on belly cost so that you can choose the right surgeon.

Most surgeons are out to make sure that they get more business in the future. Because of this reason, they strive to ensure that they can get as many happy patients as possible. As a patient, therefore, one thing that will, in fact, be realistic for you is to make sure that you pay attention to the expertise of the surgeon more than anything else.


Debunking the price myth

Not everything that is affordable will always be good for you. In fact, when it comes to cosmetic surgery, this is one of the perfect examples of cheap is expensive in the long run. Never make the mistake of choosing a surgeon just because they are affordable. In fact, in some cases, this has turned out to be one of the worst decisions that patients ever made.

You need to be careful because if the results of the first operation are terrible, you might have to pay someone else to carry out repairs for the work that the first surgeon did. When it comes to liposuction, the following are some of the most undesirable results that you might experience, particularly if you made a fool of yourself by choosing a cheaper option than looking at the surgeon’s experience and previous results:

  • Incomplete liposuction – this is a situation where there will be very little evidence that you even had a liposuction in the first place.
  • Excessive liposuction – in this case, you will end up with a disfigured or unnatural appearance
  • Uneven (Irregular) liposuction – you might end up with results that are irregular, hence you will leave the operating table with awkward marks and depressions on your skin.
  • Large scars – having large scars on the skin, which immediately alert someone you had a liposuction.

Because of these reasons, you have to be really careful and think outside the box when it comes to the cost of liposuction. Make sure you do not just base your decision on the cost that you will incur, but on what the surgeon has done in the past, and tangible proof of what they can do for you.


The real cost of liposuction

So, having looked at the possible challenges associated with going for the most affordable liposuction procedure, how much does liposuction cost? The table below shows a breakdown of the average costs of liposuction depending on the part of the body where it is done.

Body Section                                      Lower Estimate                     Highest Estimate

Upper & lower abdomen                    $3000                                      $8000

Lower abdomen only                          $2500                                      $7500

Arms                                                   $2000                                      $5500

Back for ladies                                    $2000                                      $4500

Breasts for ladies                                $3000                                      $8000

Breasts for men                                   $3000                                      $8000

Buttocks                                              $2000                                      $5000

Cheeks, chin, neck, jaw                      $2500                                      $5000

Male flanks                                         $2500                                      $6000

Knees and anterior thighs                   $2500                                      $6000

Inner knees and thighs                        $3300                                      $6500

Waist/Hips                                          $2500                                      $6000

Outer thighs                                        $2500                                      $6000

What is the cost of liposuction when you need an anesthesiologist? Remember that in case there is need for an anesthesiologist, the costs might be more than the averages that have been listed here. Having looked at these costs, perhaps you might want to know what determines how much liposuction will cost you, right?

The total cost is a summation of one or in some cases more surgical fees, and the non-surgical fee. What is included in the non-surgical fee is basically the expenses that are associated with things like the nursing staff, using the operating room, laboratory tests before the operation, garments and supplies after operation has been done.


Surgical fees, on the other hand, depend on the part of the body where liposuction will be done. The list below shows average prices for liposuction on the lower end of the scale and on the higher side.


What determines the cost of liposuction?

There are a number of factors that determine how expensive or affordable your liposuction will cost. Here are some that you need to consider:

  • The patient’s size
  • The duration of time that will be required
  • The surgeon’s effort required during the operation
  • Anesthesiologist services
  • Cost of the operating room
  • Laboratory fees before the operation
  • Other expenses associated with the procedure

Time and effort required

Thinking about how much does liposuction cost? This is one of the most important factors that will determine the cost of your liposuction. Things like the number of areas that are supposed to be treated, how big the patient is and the level of difficulty anticipated will further go a long way in determining what the procedure might cost you in the long run.

You will, therefore, come to realize that having liposuction in one part of the body alone is much cheaper than having it done on more than one parts of the body. This is, in fact, true for the cost of thigh liposuction.

On the same note, it is far cheaper to have a liposuction when you are 60 kg than when you are 80 kg. Assuming you had recently gained some weight then worked hard and lost weight, liposuction will become even harder. The reason for this is because areas that have been treated with liposuction in the past are more difficult to work on, especially when we consider the fact that these areas have scar tissue, making it difficult to carry out the procedure in the same section again.

Surgeon-related factors

There are other factors that will determine the cost of liposuction, but they are not necessarily within your control. These are factors that depend on the surgeon. Take the surgeon’s experience for example. More experienced surgeons will definitely be more expensive to work with, because their experience means awesome results, and at the same time they will be in high demand.

So, how expensive is liposuction? Assuming a surgeon is not so busy or has not had a number of operations under their belt, there is a good chance that they will tend to offer discounts or discount packages to entice the patients into coming to them. The most common offers are free consultations. The same applies to surgeons who have not had good results.

There are other factors like the geographical location of the surgeon that will determine how much does liposuction cost for you. If the surgeon lives/works or rents a place where the cost of labor is so high, you can certainly be sure the cost for this procedure will expensive.


Global cost of liposuction

From time to time, you will come across a surgeon that will offer you a single cost for liposuction. This cost usually caters for everything that will be required during your operation. In this price, there will be included the cost of the surgical fee, the non-surgical fees, and the anesthesiologist if there is one.

In most cases, this rate is applicable when the procedure is being carried out in the surgicenter, or the surgeon’s office. For this reason, when you get in touch with the surgeon’s office, you have to make sure you get relevant information on the nature of the procedure, to determine your options.

Third party financing

Third party financing basically means that you can either have the procedure financed by select insurance firms or private finance firms, or you could also take a loan to fund the procedure. There are some surgeons that accept credit cards for the procedure.

Remember that for credit cards, liposuction will be classified as a luxury item, and for this reason, you have to be careful before you run into debt over liposuction.

Finally, is liposuction expensive? Well, look into these items carefully, because they will help you determine how much does liposuction cost for your liposuction operation.

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