How Much Is A Boob Lift? An Analysis of the Price of a Boob Job

If you are considering getting a boob job done, one of the questions you will be definitely asking yourself is how much is a boob lift? This is because this is one of the greatest considerations when you are planning to have this procedure done, given how expensive it can be. When you are researching more about boob lift price, just know that there is no definite answer. What you will find are approximations based on what you want done and how much your doctor will charge you.


The overall cost you should expect to pay is between $5,000 to $ 15,000. This is for a full makeover. The specific amount charged will depend on the approach used.The crescent breast lift is the cheapest procedure, while the most expensive procedure is the full inverted-t mastopexy. A mini breast lift will cost less, about $4,000 and a regular breast lift will cost an average of $6,000. An extensive breast job will be more expensive and may cost over $10,000.

How much you pay for the implants depends on the kind of implants that you will be using. For saline implants, expect to pay $1,000 for each pair. If you are using memory gel, the cost will be $2,000. It will be $3,000 for a highly cohesive implant.

If you are still asking how much is a boob lift? Just know that the cost will not vary depending on the size of the implant but on the type of implant used. In case a dermal matrix is required, you will have to pay an additional $ 1, 000. In case the procedure has to be revised and the same implants are still used, you will not have to pay for the implants.  If you are just doing a breast lift only without adding any implants, the cost of boob lift will be cheaper.


For a mastopexy, breast lift without implants, the cost ranges from $7,500 to $8,500. This covers the cost of an operating room and anesthesia, if the procedure is done in a private clinic, if it is done in a hospital, you will have to pay an additional $10,000. Keep in mind that the least expensive boob job is the one that is done right the first time round, so if you are looking to save costs, find the best doctor you possibly can. You are better off paying a high price to a doctor who will do a good job rather than finding a cheap doctor and having to undergo corrective procedures later on.

To know exactly how much you will have to pay for the procedure, book a consultation with a doctor and explain what your needs are. Only then can the doctor give you a price quote based on what you want done.

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How Much Does A Boob Lift Cost?

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