How Much Is A Breast Lift?

There are many types of breast lifts. The type of lift that you undergo will be based on what your needs are. Some women may need a minor lift and some may need a much more significant lift. For those women who ask how much is a breast lift?’ The answer is that it varies significantly. There are those women who need an auto-augmentation which involves using tissue from the woman’s own body, which gives an illusion of an implant by repositioning the breast tissue and forming upper pole fullness.


Very low price for a breast lift may not include the cost of surgery or it may be an effort to fill an empty operating room. The surgeon who charges the highest price may not be necessarily be the best for you. As much as you are looking to find the best value, consider the surgeons training, experience and results. Do not choose a surgeon solely based on before and after photos but consider other factors as well.


Do not choose a plastic surgeon just because he charges the lowest price. Look at the bigger picture and research till you find the best plastic surgeon for you. Look at many photos, talk to many patients and talk to your physician about the surgery. Before you ask how much is a breast lift? Consider the amount of work to be done to achieve the best lift. Those patients who have breasts that sag moderately may need a lift where the scar is hidden around the nipple. Those women who have nipples that are low or skin that is very loose need extensive surgery that will have more incisions on the breasts. Breast lift surgery costs $ 5,500 and above.


The breast lift also depends on whether it is going to be carried out with or without a breast implant. There are three kinds of breast lift. The Donut also known as Circumareolar, the anchor lift and the lollipop also known as the vertical lift. The more involving the surgery is the more expensive it is. Silicone implants are more expensive than the saline implants and they range from $5,000 to $15,000.

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