How Much Is Liposuction Listed By Country

There are a lot of people who will for one reason or the other need to have a liposuction at some point in their lives. Finding a surgeon that can do the job for you is something that you should never take lightly. You need to make sure that you choose a surgeon that has been tried and tested, someone who actually knows what they are doing. You have to ask yourself how much is liposuction before you choose a facility to have it done.

A lot of patients basically look at how much does liposuction cost, and do not give the necessary attention to the credibility of the doctor that will perform the surgery. As a result of this, you will in fact come across so many clinics that are performing these services. However, you have to think about your well-being before you can put a lot of emphasis on the cost.


Cost of liposuction per country

Gone are the days when plastic surgery was something that was discussed in contempt and in hushed tones. At the moment there are so many people who are open to procedures like liposuction, particularly because of the aesthetic benefits that are associated with the same.

The following list shows how the average cost of liposuction varies in different countries:


Australia                                  $4000 – $6000

Brazil                                       $3900

Belgium                                   $1400

Canada                                   $2500

Colombia                                 $4200

Costa Rica                               $3000

Czech Republic                       $2000

Denmark                                  $2400

Dominican Republic                $2000

Estonia                                    $1400

Finland                                    $2200

France                                     $2600

Greece                                    $2100

Hungary                                  $900 – 1200

India                                        $750 – 2000

Ireland                                     $3800

Italy                                         $3000

Latvia                                      $1300

Lithuania                                 $1000

Malaysia                                  $2600

Mexico                                    $700 – 2400

Norway                                   $3000

Romania                                  $1100

Slovakia                                  $2900

Slovenia                                  $3000

South Korea                            $2000 – 7000

Sweden                                   $2400

Poland                                     $600 – 2000

Spain                                       $1700 – 3600

Thailand                                  $800 – 3200

Turkey                                     $1200 – 1800

UAE                                        $7000

USA                                        $4500 – 12,000

UK                                          $4000

Germany                                 $3200

More and more people are interested in enhancing their looks, and through different medical technology, this is possible. The common question is liposuction how much is removed? Procedures like liposuction are no longer a preserve for the rich and famous, but anyone who wants to can get it. As long as you feel you need a specific body alteration, such procedures are currently within your range. Once you understand how much is liposuction you will be good to go.

In as much as you will come across at least some plastic surgeons that can carry out procedures like liposuction in almost every other country, there are international destinations that have proven to be the ideal spots for these procedures.

Instead of paying so much for liposuction, there are so many places across the globe from where you can get the results without having to pinch your pockets so much. The following are some of the top destinations in the world, and the average cost for getting a liposuction:

  • India
  • Dominican Republic
  • Thailand
  • Taiwan
  • The USA
  • Colombia
  • Brazil
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • South Korea


Let’s have a look at what makes these countries the best option that you can consider in as far as your liposuction needs are concerned. Remember that by understanding how much is liposuction, you can make the right choice.


India is popular not just for liposuction or plastic surgery, but it is one of the top destinations worldwide in as far as medical tourism as a whole is concerned. There are so many doctors in India who learned their skill in some of the top medical learning institutions in the world. Most of these doctors learned their trade in countries like the US, UK, Canada and Australia before they moved back to India to further their practice. Therefore, how much liposuction cost in India will pretty much be one of the last things to worry about.

One thing that makes India stand out is that you are able to receive the top quality treatment you desire, while at the same time enjoying significantly lower costs of treatment, especially if you are looking for plastic surgery procedures.

The facilities that are available in some of the top clinics and hospitals in India are in fact specially designed to accommodate international patients. All the services that are offered in the legitimate plastic surgery clinics are authorized through the JCAHO, one of the high-profile accreditation agencies in as far as plastic surgery is concerned.


Considering that English is the second language in India, language barrier should not be something you worry about, and more importantly you should not worry about how much is liposuction having planned accordingly for the same.

The Dominican Republic

Over the years there have been a lot of criticism particularly from Hollywood about getting liposuction or any other plastic surgery for that matter in a small country, particularly in the Caribbean. However, the Dominican Republic is in fact known for offering nothing but the best, and affordable surgical procedures so far. Most patients worry about how much pain after liposuction, but the doctors here will take good care of you.

When you come to the Dominican Republic, you can look forward to professional, highly skilled surgeons, who will from time to time even offer you discounts on the procedure you need. It is possible to get a procedure done here for around $2000, something that would cost you three times as much in the US.


Other than the exotic culture, Thailand is actually one of the top destinations for plastic surgery. Bangkok has attracted so many medical tourists in the past, and so much more keep coming here to try out different surgical techniques from time to time.


There are hundreds of thousands of liposuctions that are carried out in Taiwan every year. The high demand for these procedures basically means that the rates are quite affordable. In fact, Taiwan is considered to be more affordable than the other Asian counterparts like Japan and China. Therefore, if you want an option based on how much is liposuction, this is one you should think about.

Medical tourism in Taiwan is in fact on the rise because most of the doctors get their training overseas. Other than that, it is also worth pointing out that the facilities here are by far some of the best you will come across in the region.



If there is a country where liposuction and any other plastic surgery procedure are very popular, it has to be the USA. Most of these operations are common here because of the Hollywood appeal. This is, however, one of the most expensive countries from where you can get liposuction, and you will need to make sure you carry out conclusive research before you settle on any surgeon. In terms of how much is liposuction surgery, the USA probably has some of the highest rates so far.


There are so many plastic surgery procedures that are carried out in Colombia. However, liposuction happens to be one of the most popular. In as much as the prices are friendly when you come to Colombia, medical tourists are normally advised to take extra precaution.

There are parts of the country that are not necessarily safe for tourists, considering the gangs and drug menace that thrives in parts of the country. Even if you were to make your decision based on how much is liposuction, you should not risk your life.


When it comes to surgical procedures, Brazilians generally tend to be easy on these. Things like liposuction and breast augmentation are very common in Brazil. As a matter of fact, in Brazil, the government has subsidized plastic surgery.

If you go for any cosmetic surgery, these are deductible from your income tax when filing your returns. The reason for this is because the government has for a long time seen and appreciated the demand for cosmetic surgical procedures.


In terms of invasive surgical procedures, liposuction is one of the most sought after procedures in Italy, with tens of thousands of patients coming in for the procedure every year. It is amazing to see this, considering that there was a time when Italy was not really considered as a hotspot for medical tourism, particularly for cosmetic surgery.



The economy might be struggling, but one thing that the Greek love to do is make sure they have heavenly bodies. Other than breast augmentation and liposuction, the Greek are in fact reported to carry out penis enlargement procedures more than 10 times the rate at which it is done in other countries.

South Korea

Other than being the top destination in Asia for cosmetic surgery, South Korea also happens to be the top destination all over the world. Not only are these procedures common here, but there are so many skilled surgeons available all over the place.

The facilities in South Korea are also some of the best in the world, and amazingly, the average costs are cheaper here too, so if you are thinking about how much is liposuction, this is one place you should think about.

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