How Often Can You Donate Plasma?

Donating plasma is a life changing thing that helps to save millions of lives all over the US. Plasma based therapies have been used to treat many ailments that wouldn’t be addressed with normal treatments. Making a habit of donating plasma on a regular basis goes a long way in providing crucial medical care for people who need it the most. In addition to this, you can make some money too from your donation. However, even as people are encouraged to donate plasma as much as they want the biggest question is how often can you donate plasma? Well, this post will break this down for you and also give you additional information about plasma donation and how you can become part of it.

How Often Can You Donate Plasma?

The plasma donation frequency is determined by many factors. However, the FDA approved frequency is twice a week. In addition to this, the donations need to be two days apart. In other words, in a seven day period, you should donate twice. You can donate on Monday and Wednesday or Wednesday and Saturday, As long as the donations are separated by two days. It is important to always drink a lot of water to replace the fluids once you have donated.

Why Is Plasma Donation Important?

The idea of donating plasma twice a week may seem like too much for most people but then again, if you understand just how important plasma is you will see why. To begin with, plasma donated by voluntary donors has been used to create plasma-derived medicines that treat conditions not addressed by normal drugs. In that case, before you even start wondering how often can you donate plasma, one thing to remember is that even if you were to donate once in a month, you will be providing the much-needed ingredients to develop these medicines that are a lifeline to millions of patients. Plasma donation can be done anytime and while the frequency of plasma donation by the FDA should be twice a week, you can even donate once a week or once a month. This will still help a lot.

How Much Money Can You Make Donating Plasma?

Well, in case you are planning to donate plasma and make some money while you make a difference, then the best way is to become a lifetime donor. A lifetime donor is simply someone who donates plasma all year round. Since you will donate twice a week, you can make up to $100 weekly. The first donation of plasma will attract a compensation of just $40.  The second donation will attract between $50 and $60. If you were to stick with the FDA plasma donation frequency, you can make almost $400 a month while donating. However, how often can you donate plasma is a question you need to answer on your own. Decide how many times a week you are comfortable with and donate.

How To Donate Plasma

In case you feel you can manage to donate plasma twice a week or even once a week, then you will be happy to know there are established ways through which you can donate. At the moment, there are numerous companies that have established state of the art plasma collection centers across different states in the US. The only thing you need is to step into these collection centers and donate. Once you are there, you will be educated on a number of things regarding plasma including some of the factors that determine how often you can do plasma donation.  In case you are having trouble finding a donation center near you, you can still get some reprieve online. There are many plasma collection sites that give you a directory of various collection centers and where they are located. You can also fill in a free online appointment request and you will be directed to a plasma collection center near you. All in all, it shouldn’t be difficult to donate plasma as long as you clearly understand how often can you donate plasma and why.

Donating plasma and saving lives always brings a great feeling in every donor. You can start to make a difference in your community through plasma donations. Find a collection center and become a lifetime donor today.

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