How To Be Savvy When Looking At Breast Augmentation Pictures

Most patients will want to look at pre and post breast augmentation pictures when they are considering surgery. This is quite an important step since it will give you a good idea of what to expect after your surgery. When viewing breast enhancement images, you have to be savvy and know what to be on the lookout for. Here are some of the main things:

Here are some of the main things:


  • Check images of patients who are similar to you. This is in terms of body structure, age and ethnicity. This will give you a more realistic view of how your surgery will turn out. The patient must have had the same procedure that you want done.



  • Are you just viewing singles shots of before and after images? Most doctors take a series of shots. Looking at all those shots will give you a more realistic picture of the procedure that was performed. If all the shots haven’t been displayed, you can specifically ask for them. On average, surgeons take 6 photos, which are often not shown too patients since they are mostly used for peer reviews of their work.



  • The postures in the images matter. Some postures may give more flattering appearances than others. Some surgeons use this trick to ensure that their breast augmentation pictures look good. For instance, a photo where the patient has their hand pulled back will make the breast seem perkier than breast enlargement photos where the patient’s arms are down.



  • The lighting in the photo matters. Direct lighting might make photos look harsh than situations where lighting has been well controlled. The before and after photos should be take in the same lighting conditions for you to make any notable judgments.


  • Consider how long the photos were taken after the operation. Ideally, check out photos that were taken at least 3 months after the operation. Photos taken sooner than this might look more robust due to the swelling on the breasts that have just settled down. Photos taken after 1 year give a far much better representation of what you will end up with.


  • Ask about the confidentiality of photos. Most people who have plastic surgery do not want their photos displayed to the public. If you do not want this, ensure to ask the surgeon if your privacy will be protected. You do not want to end up on your surgeon’s website without your permission in future.


When viewing breast augmentation pictures, consider that

  • Only favorable breast surgery pictures will be published on the website or shown to patients when you go to the doctor’s office
  • The photos might look good but they might not feel so good. For instance, the breast might look good but be hard to the touch


Therefore, ask to see a spectrum of results. This includes viewing any videos that might have been made or meeting past patients in real life. Also, consider multiple other factors when choosing a surgeon. This includes their reputation, credentials, experience, and reviews.

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