How To Choose The Best Breast Implant Surgeon

breast implant surgery

If you are looking to get a natural looking result, then the best breast implant surgeon to look for is one who has the same aesthetic sensibility as you, coupled together with good training and experience. Insist on looking at before and after pictures of patients the surgeon has worked on before. A surgeon with experience should have a lot of pictures from three different angles with the same lighting, distance from the camera and cropping.

breast implant surgery

A good breast enhancement surgeon should look at breast augmentation as body contouring surgery and create a breast profile that matches the patient’s overall figure. It should not be so obvious that the breasts have been enhanced surgically. Breast augmentation should look natural and this is what your surgeon should endeavor to do.


When looking at the training of a plastic surgeon, check if they went to the best medical school and if they graduated at the top of their class. Find out where they got their formal training from and how many years they trained for. The years of study should be the minimum years required for board certification. If you are in America, choose a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. This will help you narrow down your choices when you are looking for the best breast implant surgeon.


Talk to the previous patients and talk about their experience dealing with the doctor. Ask friends and physicians for recommendations. You should also ask about the surgery center where your procedure will be performed. Find out about its accreditation, sterile procedures and the team that you will have in the surgery room. A good breast augmentation surgeon should work with board certified anesthesiologist, certified surgical technicians, certified sterile processing technician, preoperative nurses and nurses for post anesthesia.


Set up a consultation with the doctor and spend as much time as possible with the doctor. Some doctors offer free consultations. However, just note that free consultations take a very short time and you will not spend enough time with him to assess him completely. You may want instead to schedule a paid consultation. It will be worth the money you pay since the information you get from the doctor and the time you spend with him will be quite valuable. Once you have found a doctor that you like, you can go ahead and schedule your surgery.

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