How to Ensure Confidentiality With Your Breast Reconstruction Photos

It is normal for doctors to want to take breast reconstruction photos of their patients. More so, when it comes to aesthetic surgery since this is the main way for both the patient and the doctor to see the significant results that have been achieved.

It is important for the doctor to ensure the confidentiality of these breast surgery images, since most patients would not like these photos to be released to members of the public. Here are a couple of things that you should know when having your breast reconstruction photos taken.


  • Ask the doctor what they will do with the photos

Doctors take photos for various purposes. This includes:

  1. For posting in advertising materials, such a magazines and their websites
  2. For academic use. This can be used to teach student doctors
  3. In academic journals and conferences. These are conferences that are mainly attended by doctors only.


  • Sign a consent form

You will be required to sign a consent form before any of your photos are taken. This form consents to you having your photos taken by the doctor. If the doctor is planning to use the breast reconstruction photos for other purposes, such as on their website. You will have to give written consent for this.  A partial release form will have to be signed if the doctor requests to use the photos to do something specific, for example, use the boob reconstruction pictures at a doctor’s conference.

Remember that you are free to change your mind at any time and withdraw any consent that you may have given if you no longer want your photos to be used.


  • Secure storage

It is the responsibility of the physician to ensure secure storage of all the images used. This is to prevent the images from being leaked to the public. Ask the doctor what safety measures he takes to ensure that the images have been securely stored. If you are not happy with the answers that you get and you have reason to worry that your photos might leak out, then you can refuse to have your photos taken.


  • Your dignity must be maintained at all times

Do not agree to be subjected to humiliating conditions. Your privacy should be ensured when your images are being taken. In addition, you should be comfortable with whoever is taking the breast reconstruction photos, be it the doctor himself, one of the staff members at the hospital or a professional photographer.

  • Anonymity should be maintained

If possible, the photographs should be anonymous. This requires that only the breasts be photographed. Your face or your eyes don’t have to be included. Any birth marks, jewelry, name tags and tattoos should be avoided. This will protect your privacy.


  • No pressure

Do not feel pressurized to take the photos if you do not want to. The doctor cannot force you to take the photos, so you have a right to refuse to be photographed. However, if your doctor is uncomfortable with this arrangement, they might refuse to perform the procedure. This is because it puts them in a vulnerable position since it will be hard for them to prove the changes made before the surgery ad after the surgery.


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