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How to find free dental clinics in Houston?

Having a toothache is one of the worst afflictions that a human being can suffer through. Well, ok, maybe that’s a wee bit overly dramatic, but a bad toothache can definitely feel like you’re in Hell itself. Sometimes you may have a toothache without having any visible cavities of any kind. Speaking from personal experience, I hope you never live through something like that. I woke up one morning with a slight toothache and checked my teeth in the bathroom mirror. The pain was blunt and I couldn’t really pinpoint it because there were no visible cavities of any kind. I wrote it off as an ear inflammation, but the pain kept getting worse and worse every day, up to the point where I couldn’t even drive without feeling the need to scream out loud. Unfortunately, my job didn’t exactly have a dental health plan and I couldn’t afford an expensive dental treatment, so I basically drank a lot of cold water and the pain would recede for a minute or so. Eventually though, I found a free dental clinic in Houston.


Free dental clinics in Houston – Making an appointment

Fortunately for me, after calling a free dental clinic in Houston, I managed to schedule an appointment with them in the same day. And boy did I want to get rid of the pain, so having an appointment in a few hours felt like a gift from heaven. The thing about free clinics is that they’re generally ether completely free, or have very low treatment costs in general. So it was basically my only option for the toothache, but I didn’t end up regretting it in the least.

Free dental clinics in Houston – Treatment

After arriving at the free clinic, checking with the receptionist nurse and waiting a few minutes in the lobby, I was finally on a dentist’s chair. And it was agony because I didn’t have my rusty cold water bottle at hand to alleviate the pain, so I couldn’t wait for the dentist to get started. Fortunately, he immediately found the problem. There was a cavity, but pretty much hidden between two separate teeth. As soon as he drilled open the tooth, I felt both the pain and the pressure recede. Quite frankly, it felt like being reborn again after more than five days of agony. After cleaning up and disinfecting the inside of the tooth, the dentist planted some medication inside it and sealed it with temporary filling. After a few more visits, the tooth was as good as new.

Free dental clinics in Houston – Total cost

Surprisingly, while I half expected treatment in free dental clinics in Houston to be quite costly due to general dental treatment reputation, I ended up paying an arguably small amount of money and even in several payments. Basically, the dentist in free dental clinics in Houston generally give you the option of choosing what kind of material will be used as the final dental filling, which is something that can greatly impact dental treatment costs. If you’re ever in need of some dental healthcare in Houston, I’d definitely recommend it.

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