How to Get the Most Of Before and After Photos of Breast Augmentation

The best way of getting to see how good a surgeon’s work is is by taking a look at breast augmentation before and after photos of patients they have operated on before. This will help you get to see how you will look after your procedure.  This is a great way of choosing a surgeon in addition to looking at their credentials, experience and training.


Before you look at the breast enlargement before and after images, it is good to know what to be on the lookout for and how to compare the results in the photos versus the result you will expect.  When you go to the surgeon’s gallery, first look at the photos that are relevant to you. This should be photos of patients who have the same body shape or they have undergone the same procedure that you want to undergo.  Doing this will be of great help to you since it helps you see which procedures will give you your desired results. It will also help you understand what to really expect after a specific procedure.  It will also help you see how some options may look on your body.

Before and after photos will also enable you to point out the results that you don’t like. It is important to note that some breast augmentation before and after photos are not yet the final results of the operation since many of them are taken during the first few weeks after surgery when the patient is doing follow up appointments. It might actually take about a year for certain results to show.


Keep in mind that all plastic surgeons that are board certified and are trained in photography, so that they can accurately document their surgical plan and the results of their work.  The photos the surgeon takes should therefore show you how organized and attentive to detail the surgeon is. If you do not see this in their photos, then do not expect them in the theatre. How the breast enhancement before and after images appear should be an indication on how well the doctor handles his patients.

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