How to Make Fake Boobs At Home on the Cheap

If you want a bigger bust line but you do not have the cash to undergo breast augmentation, no need to worry. With a few tips and a few resources, you can learn how to make fake boobs at home. Here are some strategies that you can try out and see what works best for you.

Method 1-Stuff your bra with socks

One way to create diy fake breasts is to wear a bra which has padding. This will help to conceal the extra padding that you will put into it. Go for a bra size that is bigger than what your normally wear. Then get a pair of socks, which you will stuff into the bra. The thickness of the socks will be determined by how big you want your breasts to be. If you want a bigger bust, use thick socks. Thin socks will work best if you just want to slightly increase the size of your breasts, too create a shapelier contour.

Fold the socks, while ensuring to keep it flat and smooth. Then cup your breasts with your hands and lift them up in your bra. Place the folded socks into the lower part of your bra and adjust the socks until you are comfortable. Use one sock per bra. Ensure that the socks are soft, so as to avoid irritating your skin, as a result of friction between the skin and the sock fabric.


Method 2- Use Double Bras

Another strategy to use when you are learning how to make fake boobs at home is to wear 2 bras at the same time. For this to work, you have to get proper fitting bras. If you are not sure of your bra size, get a tape measure and measure yourself. Then wear one bra on top of another bra. Both bras should have padding and a molded cup. The inner bra can be a strapless one, but if you do not have a strapless bra, one with straps can work just as well.

When learning fake breast augmentation methods, remember that you have to be comfortable therefore, you may have to lengthen the strap of the outer bra. The major advantage of this method is that it will use things that you already have in your closet, so no need to go out and buy anything.


Method 3-Use breast enhancement pads

You have the option of using silicone pads if you want to create a big breast size. If you want to go for a small size, use foam.

Insert the pad into a padded bra. A padded bra will help to produce a smooth appearance, as the padding will hide any lines around the pad. Tape the enhancement into the bra to minimize chances of it falling out. When learning how to make fake boobs at home using this method, a double sided tape is the best option, if you can find it. Adjust your straps as required when wearing your bra, to ensure that you are comfortable.

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