How To Remove the “Scary” from a Child’s Dental Visit

Dentista Games are a good way to start

Visiting the dentist is sometimes something children see with fear. They do not like the look, sound or smell of the dentists office, much less of the dentist. This all a new experience and it can be very upsetting for  your child so you want to look for a dentist that is fun, someone that will play dentista games with him. But what type of dentist do you look for? There are a number of factors to consider. When you go look for a dentist for your child, and then once you find the perfect office, go and prepare your child for his/her first visit, you need to think about the following:  


A dentist who specializes in kids

  • The experience
  • Work with small children
  • Special needs facilities

You can start by looking for a good pediatric dentist, one who specializes in dental checkups for babies, toddlers, children and even, in some cases, teens. This is a dentist with a certain set of skills and to acquire these the dental professional needs about 3 years of additional training in children’s needs. You want someone who is capable of making kids feel at home by giving them specialized treatment options and offices that cater to them. This is where children can play dentista games, draw and perform other activities while waiting for a NICE dentist.  Whether or not you use a pediatric dentist for your child, you might try to find the right dentist by asking the right questions when interviewing your potential clinics. Some of these questions might be:  


  • How experienced is your dentist with kids?
  • Is the office designed appropriately for children? Does it have games for kids to play? If you are undecided, make a visit the office to see what it looks like and how it feels. Ask yourself, does this have a kid like ambiance?
  • Does the dentist dress for the kids? A good pediatric dentist will wear clothes that make kids comfortable.  For example, many pediatric dentists use dental wear that has cartoons or illustrations on them. This makes children interested and more relaxed.
  • Does the dentist provide special kid-friendly activities? Some dentists have digital dentista games that capture the child’s interest.
  • What kind of music does the office play. Some offices cater to children so much that the dentist puts on music that is fun for kids.
  • Can you be in the dental office when your child gets treatment?A good pediatric dentist will want you to come in with your toddler. He may even ask you to participate in the latest dentista games. This is important with young children. Of course, older children and teens want to go in on their own.


Check for Chairside Manner


  • Does the dentist joke with the kids? Putting the kidas at ease is important and dentista games, jokes and stories teach kids about oral health but also make them unafraid of the dentist. 
  • Check to see how the dentist starts the checkup. Many dentists will start with fun stuff and might even use the checkup as a counting or drawing game. Your dentist could also ask your child to draw a picture of his or her mouth or of a cavity to begin the visit. This helps educate and put your child at ease.
  • Make sure the dentist uses a lot of praise. This offers a reward when the child does something “right” like brushing his teeth correctly. This always helps make a visit to the dentist more positive.
  • Look at the way a dentist deals with problems. Children sometimes misbehave during a visit. The dentist sometimes needs to do something to prevent a child from injuring himself. It is at this point that he will determine the best way to speak to the child, or how to hold the child down. If you feel your child may be difficult tell your dental team before the appointment. This will help them deal with the problems.  


Preparing your child for a visit

Sooth small children, use dentists games and help them understand that this visit is to keep them healthy. Remember, first visits may mark a child’s reaction to the dentist in the future.  There are some things you can do:

Teach Your Child Good Oral Hygiene Habits

  • Talk to your child about the dentist and explain the procedure.  
  • Don’t show any concerns or fears to your child as he will sense your own misgivings.    
  • Talk to your dentist before the appointment and explain your child’s fears.
  • Read stories that explain what it is like to go to the dentist. 
  • Play online dentista games and ask your child to draw pictures of his mouth and teeth and have him show them to the dentist. 
  • Don’t bribe your child with sweets or use the visit as a type of punishment.


Bottom Line

Finding the right pediatric dentist, playing dentista games and sharing the reasons for going to the dentist with your child, can go a long way towards making your childs relationship with the dentist more pleasant.


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