How To Save Lives Donating Blood With The Blood Connection NonProfit Organization

Donating blood is a selfless act that saves millions of lives each year. Just one pint of blood donated can save three lives, and each year, over 4.5 million lives are saved in the US all thanks to blood donation. In case you never donated blood in your life or perhaps it’s been long since you did it, it is important to begin right away. The blood connection is a leading nonprofit organization that organizes blood drives to help ordinary people donate blood. The organization headquartered in South Carolina has patterned with hospitals, schools and other public entities to ensure supply of blood for those who need it is maintained.

What Is The Blood Connection?

The blood connection center is a nonprofit organization that was founded back in 1979. The organization helps to organize blood drives in the US and create awareness on blood donation and its impact on healthcare and society in general. In addition to this, the organization has qualified personnel and equipment for blood collection and in case you want to individually give blood or be part of a community blood drive, you can contact the organization anytime for more details.

Who Should Give Blood With The Blood Collection Nonprofit?

There are many certified nonprofit organizations that are entirely dedicated towards blood drives and blood donations. Well, blood connection is one of this non-profit organizations and its aim is to make it convenient for people to donate blood by availing blood donation centers and drives near them. In addition to this, the organization helps to create awareness on blood donation, why it’s a safe process and the kind of role it plays in medical care. Here are some of the people who are eligible for blood donation with the blood collection organization:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age. Donors who are able 66 years old might be subjected to additional tests to ensure they are eligible
  • Donors need to be in good physical health
  • You must not have any transmittable diseases. Additional medical screening will be done during the collection day
  • Blood should be donated after every three months. Men can donate once each 12 weeks while women can donate once in every 16 weeks
  • You must weigh at least 50 Kgs in weight

Can I Organize My Own Blood Drive?

In case you want to do more in blood donations the blood connection can give you the capacity you need to organize your own blood drive in local communities. The first thing to do is to get in touch with the organization about your idea. Details about where the drive will be done and who will be involved are required. The organization for blood collection will provide logistic support for the drive, professionals, and equipment needed for blood collection and any other thing you may need to make the drive a success. Anyone can organize a blood drive, you just need to create enough sensitization for people to turn up and be part of this important initiative.

What To Expect On Blood Donation Day?

Even though blood connection will always try and provide as much information as possible on blood drives and what is to be expected, it is still important to be aware of a few important facts. To start with, you will be asked a lot of questions regarding your health history. Don’t take this personal; make sure you are as truthful as possible. A test for blood alcohol will be done. The results are for medical use only and will not be shared with anyone else. If you are planning to donate blood, it is important to make sure you don’t have any alcohol a day before the day of donation. The Blood connection team will also do additional medical screening tests. Normally, this takes an hour or less and you will be good to go home or back to your place of work.

Donating blood saves millions of lives each year. If you can become a regular blood donor, you will, of course, be playing a huge role in securing lives and making a difference in your community. Feel free to visit any blood donation center or blood drive in your community and be part of this amazing initiative.

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