How To Take Great Facial Pics

Taking photos can be a great way to capture a moment. It’s also a cool way to express your mood, show what is going on in your life and it is also a great way to remember fun times. That is why when you are taking facial pics, you want to get it right otherwise, the mood and the memory will be ruined. There are a number of things you can do to ensure that your face snaps come out looking awesome.

What To Do When Taking Facial Selfies

When you are taking you own photos, here is what to do:

  • Shoot the photo from above rather than from below. Shooting at an angle above will give your face and neck a slimmer appearance. Even though shooting from below will give you a powerful appearance, it also has the effect of making your face and chin appear plumper than they actually are. When shooting from above, do not hold the camera too high. Hold it just above your eyes and take the photo.
  • In most instances, selfies normally result in the nose looking larger than it actually is due to the close nature of the camera, since it is often just held at arm’s length. To solve this problem, set your phone’s timer and place your phone or camera on a prop and then back away, so that you can take the photo from a distance.
  • Use a mirror when taking facial pics. The mirror will make it possible for you to preview the photo before you snap away. Place the mirror at the front of the camera.


Get Someone Else to Take The Facial Pics

  • The best thing would be to have another independent person take your facial photos. This will free you up, so that you can just concentrate on posing. This increases chances of your photo coming out better.
  • When you are alone, you can organize to have one of your friend’s come around to take your photo. Don’t mind the teasing that they may subject you too. Just plan well enough, so that both of you are free at the same time.
  • If you are in a public place, request someone to take your photo. Just make sure that it looks like someone who is trustworthy to avoid getting your phone or camera getting stolen.


Poses To Get The Best Facial Pics

  • To avoid getting a double chin, lift up your neck slightly, so that your neck is lengthened and your chin is away from your body. Even though this might feel slightly weird, it is the best way to pose.
  • Stand at an angle instead of facing the camera squarely. This will have the effect of making your facial pics look slimmer. You can try taking your photo from both sides of the face and see which side works out best.
  • You don’t have to look directly at the camera. Try looking away.
  • Your emotions should naturally play out on your facial shots. If you try to fake a smile then it will show. Be actually happy and smile both with your eyes and with your mouth.


Dress Up Right

  • How you dress will be dependent on what you want to do with the photo.
  • If you want to use it for business purposes, you will have to dress up professionally and have a nice hairstyle.
  • If you will be using the photo for informal purposes, consider wearing something fun and colorful.

Add Variety To Your Pics

There are so many ways of shooting the photo rather than just going for a direct straight on pic. Some of the things you can do include

  • Shooting the photo from the side of your face
  • Shooting only half of your face instead of your whole face
  • Consider zooming in on only one part of your face, for instance, your eyes, mouth, lips or nose
  • To avoid getting closed eyes, close your eyes and then open them just before the shot is taken
  • Consider using makeup, so as to flatter your facial pics. Have the makeup professionally applied. Red lipstick will work out quite well instead of matte.
  • Make sure that your hair is well done and that it is shiny. Use a spray to spruce it up before you take the facial selfies.
  • Take a lot of photos. The more photos you take, the higher the chances that you will find some shots that came out great. having multiple shots gives you variety to choose from.


  • Go to a place where there is plenty of natural light
  • Consider the background of the photo. Be conscious about hat is behind you since it can distract people’s attention away from your photo. Consider taking a photo in front of a blank wall or in front of a window. A white background will make your face seem brighter and the color balance on your face will come out looking good.
  • If you are taking photos indoors, avoid overhead lighting and fluorescent lighting. The best thing to do would be to turn off the lights and use side lamps. If it is not possible to get rid of the overhead lighting, then use the flash feature, so that no shadows are cast below your nose and mouth.


Editing Your Facial Images

  • Editing your facial pics will help to polish them up. use editing software on your computer or on your phone. Crop out anything that you do not want on your facial images. get rid of unsightly marks or other unpleasant things. If the lighting is not good, see if you can adjust it when you are editing.
  • If you are sharing the photo online in your social media account, consider using filters. Try out different filters until you find one that flatters you.

The don’ts

Even though a lot of people like using the duck face, you should absolutely avoid this pose since it is quite tacky and a lot of people just don’t plain like it. a duck face is when you purse your lips together and widen them slightly.

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