How to Take Great Freeze Liposuction Before and After Photos

One of the most exciting ways you can track your weight loss progress is by taking freeze liposuction before and after photos. Not only will the images show you the difference on your body, they will also inspire you to continue with your weight loss journey. Here are some tips to help you take awesome weight loss before and after pics.



Before the Shoot

  • Weigh yourself and take body measurements just before the shoot or at least one day before the shoot. Don’t take them too many days ahead of the shoot or you won’t have accurate measurements.
  • Get the right clothes for the shoot. For men, wear briefs and take off your shirt. For women, get a bikini. This will expose your body shape well.
  • Get a camera and someone to take your photos. You can ask a friend to do it. If this is not possible, get a tripod stand and use a timer.


How to Get Good Shots

  • Shoot in portrait mode instead of landscape mode. This is so that you can capture your body from head to foot.
  • Use a plain background, so as not to distract people from the main subject of the photo, which is you.
  • Take shots from different angles. This includes the front, back and both sides. Take multiple shots. You can go through the pics later and pick the best shots when you are making your selection for the freeze liposuction before and after photos.
  • Stand up straight and look straight at the camera. Your hands should hang on your sides. Don’t slouch or suck in your stomach.


After the Shoot

  • Save the photos in your computer in a folder. Remember to note down the date when the body fat removal before and after photos were taken.
  • Use photo editing software to edit the shots, so that they look good, crop out anything that is not supposed to be in the picture.
  • You can take photos after each session until you have achieved your weight loss goal.



The Big Reveal

  • You can send the photos to your friends and family, so that they can see the progress that you have made.
  • You can also post in weight loss groups and forums, so as to encourage other people who want to lose weight.
  • But it is also okay to keep the photos to yourself. You don’t have to show them to anyone if you don’t want to.


Points to note

  • You can use a digital camera or just use the camera on your phone, as long as it takes greats shots.
  • If you don’t have swimwear, you can wear your fitting workout clothes.
  • Include your face in the photos, so that it is clear that it is you who is in the picture.

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