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How to use denture glue

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If you wear dentures, you must have heard about the term denture glue. However, one thing must be clear; this term is somewhat incorrect, despite the fact that a lot of people use it. The proper terminology should be denture adhesive or denture cream. If you constantly use the word glue, some people may be falsely led to use common household glue to keep their dentures in place. This must not happen, because the result of such actions can be fatal.

What is denture glue?

Fixodent Proctor & Gamble
You may call it however you like, denture glue or denture adhesive, it is a product that increases the grip of your dentures and helps you feel more comfortable. It is used in times when you feel that the dentures can slip or fall off your mouth. That can lead to difficulties while chewing or speaking and it may even make your gums sore. That’s why you need this product, so that you can eat and speak normally and to feel full of confidence. However, if the denture adhesive doesn’t work, consult your dentist and he or she will tell you what to do. Your dentures may have to be relined. If not, change the way of using the adhesives or change the product.


How denture glue works?

The denture glue is applied on the inside of the denture base and then the denture is inserted back into the mouth. As soon as the denture glue comes into contact with the saliva, it turns into an elastic substance that keeps you denture and gums safe. This will give the dentures the necessary grip to provide the person who wears dentures the needed confidence, comfort and convenience. With time the dentures can no longer be fit as when they were first constructed. They can shrink and do not conform to the gums. Eventually, you will have to get them relined, but till then you can use denture cream to keep them in place.

How long does denture glue last?

Usually denture glue is designed to last for twelve hours and provide continuous grip. Gradually, the saliva will dissolve the adhesive and it will allow it to release the denture from the gums. However, sometimes even after twelve hours there may be large portion of the suction left. You can dissolve this bond with warm water or mouthwash swished in your mouth in order to dilute the adhesive. If after all this, there is still a large portion of suction, try to gently rock the dentures back and forth to break that grip. Have in mind that you must not use any utensils or additional force to remove the dentures. If all your efforts fail, just leave the denture in your mouth overnight and take it off in the morning. That will teach you to use less denture cream next time and it will be easier to remove them in the evening. The whole process has to be learned, so don’t worry if you make some mistakes.

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