How To Use Skin Tape Effectively On Your Face

People who are looking for the cure to aging skin have come to embrace face lift tape techniques. With a skin tape, you can get fine lines and smooth out wrinkles, but there are some demerits that people should be aware of.

Popular Skin Tape Brands

There are various companies that make skin tapes out there but they all have similar application methods. The following are some of the top brands in the market:

  • Secret Lift
  • Bring It Up
  • Art Harding’s Instant Face Lift
  • Eye/Face Lift Tape

How to Apply

Facelift application procedure is very simple.

For effective and safe results, follow the instructions below:

Positioning Tape with Elastics

  1. Take each end of the elastic string and position them on both sides of the face behind the ears.
  2. Lift these strings over the head.
  3. With the adjustable strap, hook them together under your hair. This makes the skin below your jaw line and cheeks to “pull back” and thereby giving you that youthful appearance.

Positioning Tape without Elastics

  1. Relax your face and stick one tape’s end on the skin.
  2. Using your free hand, pull back on the skin and move the second tape end further up the face.
  3. Use your hair to hide it

Keep in mind that face lift tapes can only be used once. It is advisable to practice the process before appearing in the public. The procedure can be tricky for the first timers, so do several trials before you show off in public.

Pros of Wearing the Tape

  • If you put on the skin tape the right way, it can dramatically change the way you look.
  • The tapes are much cheaper than most of the wrinkle creams and surgeries.
  • If you use this tape, you will end up getting used to the tape and it will eventually become part of your beauty procedure.
  • It can give you an idea of how you will look like after surgery and enable you to make more informed decisions.

Cons of Wearing the Tape

  • At times, the tape can appear obvious and tacky. Hiding something so large and complex close to your ears can be very difficult and even end up limiting your hairstyle options.
  • Tapes are not permanent solutions to a sagging skin; the neck and face will always return to their normal state once they are removed. While this temporary use is still beneficial, some women may need a permanent solution.
  • Long term costs. As much as this face skin tape is relatively affordable, every piece is used only once. The cost can be very high if you wear it on daily basis.
  • Some women may find wearing the skin tapes a difficult process. Since faces are different, the precise position of wearing the tape may differ, this makes it more complicated to fit on some faces.

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