How Unhealthy Is Eating Fruit And Meat?

Are you one of those people that eat fruit with meat at the same time? Do you chew your food quickly and sometimes not thorough enough? Do you also find yourself having digestion problems? If  your answer to these questions is yes you should consider taking a closer look at what foods you are eating at the same time. Also, consider how you chew your food and learn how to separate myth from reality.

Fruit and Veggies

Many nutritionists and dieticians say that eating fruit with meat can cause digestion problems. Does this concept surprise you a bit? Do you think it is true? Another cause of poor digestion is not chewing your food properly.  If you are truly suffering from digestion problems, please read on. The knowledge presented here can help you educate yourself a bit more, and hopefully, help you avoid some uncomfortable and unwanted stomach issues.

Some Foods Should Not Be Mixed: Fact or Fiction?

So, why does eating fruit and meat together cause problems with digestion in the average person? Certain foods create particular forms of acidic properties in your stomach. There are two forms of stomach environments: alkaline and acidic.

Depending on what a person craves or usually eats, a person’s stomach will either be in an acidic environment, or in an alkaline environment. Eating particular types of foods together can cause an abrupt change in the stomach environment, making a person’s stomach feel uncomfortable due to improper digestion.

But, is this, in fact, a true digestive issue, or a myth? In all honesty, the theory does not make sense. Let me break it down for you. Even if you eat two types of food together, your body does not digest the two different types of food at the same time, in the same place, or in the same way.

Fruit and meat

Take, for example, starches. They begin to digest in the mouth but do not experience digestion until they pass through the stomach and enter into the small intestine. On the other hand, fats and proteins start digestion not in the mouth, but in the stomach. They remain in the stomach for about two hours before moving into the small intestine. Fruit, in contrast, will not experience digestion until reaching the small intestine, and some of it will simply expel from the body.

The Reality

The reality is that eating fruit with meat will not cause digestive problems. However, you could have another issue that is plaguing your stomach, so listen to your body. If you are having stomach issues, then you may be experiencing these issues for other reasons.

A Common Factor In Digestion Issues

Not chewing your food long enough can cause digestive problems. According to the Westchester University of Pennsylvania, you should focus on chewing your food approximately 30-50 times per mouthful because this will help your food to mix completely with your saliva and aid in proper digestion. So if you are not counting the number of times you chew your food, this may contribute to your digestion problems. It might seem like a silly, simple thing; but it is important as far as your stomach’s health goes.

So, if you thought you could not mix foods because it might upset your stomach, please reconsider why you might be having stomach issues, and don’t forget to count how many times you chew your food!


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