Importance Of The Liposuction Compression Garment

What is the importance of the liposuction compression garment to your recovery? How does it help you get the result that you need? After the treatment, different surgeons will recommend that you have the liposuction garment on for a given duration. This duration will vary from one surgeon to the other. However, most surgeons recommend that you have the garment on every other day on a 24/7 basis, apart from the time when you are going to shower. You should have it on for up to 4 weeks, and for a good number of reasons.


Speed up recovery

One of the reasons why you need to have this garment on is to help in controlling the swelling after surgery. Swelling is an obvious effect after the procedure. With this garment, the compression will help the body to reabsorb the fluid that will accumulate in the body tissues after the operation. Without the garment, it can take a while for the body to reabsorb edema, which further prolongs the duration of time you need to heal. Therefore, it is safe to say that with this garment, your recovery is supposed to be faster.

Fine contours

Another reason why your surgeon will recommend the liposuction compression garment after the operation is to help in improving the results that you will get. This compression will help in keeping the body tissues to adhere to the underlying structures as you are healing. It is basically a way of guiding the skin tissues to heal in the way that we want them to. In fact, you have to realize that without this garment, the skin will end up healing in a haphazard way, and end up with a wrinkled appearance, which we would not want to have in the first place.


Improved scars

Applying pressure to the scars has been known to improve their appearance. When you undergo liposuction, scarring is part and parcel of the process. Therefore, it is only fair that you know this beforehand. At the same time, you would want to ensure your scars do not appear badly. With this garment, you have the chance of controlling the way the scars will form, and this will work well to your advantage. You get the look you desire, a flattering figure, and an improve scar appearance. There is nothing more amazing than this, and you can get it all with the garment for liposuction.

With these reasons, it is worth mentioning that there have been discussions as to the importance or benefit of compression over liposuction, especially because it is through compression that you can control the final outcome of the procedure. However, these are two processes that go hand in hand, and one cannot independently work for you without the other.


Before you go for surgery, you should also have learned quite a lot about the procedure, and the liposuction compression garment. This should make it easier to discuss the procedure or the use of the garment with your surgeon, and how important it is to your healing process.

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