Important Facts About Liposuction Scars To Know About

Liposuction surgery is an invasive procedure that involves incisions. In order for the fat to be removed from underneath the skin, small incisions will be made and the cannula tube inserted to suck out the frozen fat. A wound will, therefore, develop after the surgery and as it heals, there is a chance it will leave behind scars.  In case you are planning to try out liposuction as a way of loosing stubborn fat, there is no doubt, the scars left after the procedure can be a big concern. Well, don’t worry because in this post you are going to learn a few facts about liposuction scars that will put your mind at ease:

How Do Lipo Scars Look?

The scars that develop from liposuction are direct results of the incisions made on the skin in order to suck out the fat. Since the incisions are very small, the lipo scars also tend to be very small. There are however a number of factors that may affect the size of scars after the surgery. For example, in cases where thick layers of fat need to be removed, doctors may make relatively bigger incisions in multiple places around the targeted area in order to effectively drain the fat. Additionally, an infection on the wound after surgery may have an effect on how big the liposuction scars will appear. To avoid any complications, using antibiotics as prescribed by your doctor is very important after the surgery.

How Long Will The Scars Take To Disappear?

Generally, the body sculpting surgery scars will take between 3 months and 6 months to disappear. Some patients will see faster results than others depending on a number of factors. In cases where the surgery is done on the neck, chin or face, the scars tend to heal faster. This is because they are relatively exposed and therefore the speed in which they disappear is relatively faster compared to scars in the abdomen. In addition to this, the size of the scar will determine how long it will take to disappear. However, regardless of where the scar is or how big it is, you can rest assured it will be gone after six months tops.

What Should I Do If The Scars Don’t Go Away?

If after six months the liposuction scars are still visible, there are some solutions you can explore to speed up the process. Although it is advisable to just let the scars disappear naturally; if it has taken too long there is nothing wrong with using an alternative solution. Hyperpigmentation or constant redness of the surgery scars is one of the common issues patients have. This can easily be treated with silicone gel applications. However, even though some doctors may recommend the use of bleaching creams, this is not a universal solution that works for anyone. Bleaching creams can be very irritating so if you have sensitive skin, it’s best to just stick with silicone gels. In case the gel doesn’t work, there is a laser therapy that can be used to treat Hyperpigmentation and redness on surgery scars. You can consult with your plastic surgeon to know more about laser treatments. Laser treatments are very effective and would definitely have a permanent effect on your scars if indeed you are a victim of Hyperpigmentation.

Should I Be Worried If Scars Take Time To Disappear?

There is no need to worry if scars take relatively longer to disappear. Any surgery that involves incisions will always leave a small scar and as long as the wound is fully healed, scars pose no medical risk at all. If indeed your liposuction surgery scars are taking too long to disappear, you have nothing to worry about. Just give them time and they will be gone. Although the standard time it takes for the scars to disappear is six months, in some patients it takes almost a year for the scars to finally disappear. Besides, most of the liposuction scars are very small that it will take a keen eye to notice them.

The scars left behind after liposuction should not be a concern for patients. They will disappear soon enough without too much trouble.

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