Important Information About Board Certified Plastic Surgeons

The decision to have plastic surgery is one that most patients normally make after serious considerations. This is because, for a lot of them, this is a procedure that will change the way they look for a long time. The changes that you make to your body will be with you for as long as you are alive. It is for this reason, therefore, that you also need to make sure that you choose only board certified plastic surgeons to carry out the procedure for you.

By far, the largest ever plastic surgery board in the world is the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) which was established in 1931. Therefore, if your surgeon is a serious one, there is a good chance that they are members of this organization of plastic surgeons certified.


It does not matter whether you are looking for a reconstructive or a cosmetic surgery, one thing that matters most is that you need to get the skills of an ASPS member surgeon, or a member of any other board of certification to work on your needs.

One of the most important factors that you will have to consider here is the fact that these are surgeons who already have more than six years of training and experience, and at least three years in plastic surgery. It is through this training and experience that they become more qualified to carry out the procedure that you need.

An informed patient

The first rule of success in as far as choosing your plastic surgeon is concerned is normally for you to learn as much as you can. An educated consumer is usually the best consumer. You will have enough information to hold a knowledgeable conversation with the surgeon before they can proceed to work on you.

You need to read more about the safety of the procedure, and your safety as a patient. You are also supposed to learn how to make smart choices about the facilities that will be used to perform the procedure, and more importantly, the surgeon who will be carrying it out.

Take your time and browse through the before and after photos so that you can have a good idea of the kind of improvements that the surgeon has done in the past. This will also give you an idea of the minimally invasive procedures that can be carried out to yield the results you are after.


Points to consider

The following are some of the useful points that you need to take into consideration when looking to choose board certified plastic surgeons to perform a reconstructive or plastic surgery operation on you:

Specialization is key – It is important that you choose a surgeon that is a specialist in the procedure you need to be carried out. They need to have done this a lot over the years and have in the process achieved some amazing results. This should give you some closure, at least before you allow them the chance to go down and start operating on you.

The discussion – Before you go for any plastic surgery procedure, it is mandatory that you consult your surgeon. Find time and talk to them about things like the appropriate injection sites, and any of the risks that are associated with the procedure you want to be carried out. Getting some of these things out of the way helps you become more confident in the procedure, and go into it with an open mind. This is far much better than coming in with high expectations, only to realize that what you thought might not really come to pass.


Know the products – It is also important that you learn about some of the products that have been reviewed by the FDA and approved. There are lots of products that are used by board certified plastic surgeons in the plastic surgery field for one reason or the other. You need to make sure that any products that are recommended to you for use by the surgeon, should have been approved by the FDA, so you do not run the risk of complications after the procedure is done.

Training and experience – You should be candid in your discussions with the surgeon. You are supposed to know from them how much experience and training they have had in the procedure that you want them to perform. Typically, board certified surgeons normally have years of experience, and they should, therefore, be able to assist you in any way possible.

Seek medical attention – If you are using any product that has been recommended by your physician and you develop complications, you are supposed to seek medical attention as early as possible. This makes it easier for the physician to look into the same and at least know what the cause of the reaction is, and how to stop it and make things better for you again.

It is important that you have a certified plastic surgeon carrying out the procedure, and not your gynecologist or a family physician. Plastic surgery is a delicate matter, and you have to treat it with the concern it deserves, for you to have a better shot at getting the best results so far.

Importance of board certification

In plastic surgery, board certification is an important part of the road towards success. The first thing that you will notice is that when you choose board certified plastic surgeons, you are getting people that you can trust, people that are trusted by so many professionals and patients in the industry all over the world.


These are surgeons who have completed a comprehensive set of written and oral exams, and passed all of these with distinction. Therefore, you can rely on their experience and expertise to deliver the results you desire.

The certified surgeons normally have graduated from a medical school that is accredited. This is important so that you are aware of the expertise that they have. You would not want someone whose papers are from an institution that is not even known, performing the procedures on you.

Each and every year, the accredited plastic surgeons are required to complete their continuing education. One of the important segments of this education is patient safety. Your surgeon should, therefore, know what it means to keep you safe while you are on the operation table, and the risks that you are exposed to. These board certified plastic surgeons only perform their operations in state licensed, accredited or Medicare certified surgical institutions, and adhere to a strict code of ethics.

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