Important Quick Facts Before And After Tummy Tuck

The answer to a lean body for a lot of people usually lies in their ability to eat properly and keep fit. However, there comes a time when a healthy diet and regular exercise do not cut it. These are the times when however much you have decided to diet or exercise, you will still not be able to get the perfect outcome that you desire, that sleek silhouette just does not cut it for you. Well, in such a case, most people consider abdominoplasty. While this will help you look toned and better than before, you are supposed to know a few facts before and after tummy tuck, so that you can be well-prepared for what lies ahead. The main concept behind this is to help you get rid of the excess fat and the loose skin that you have in your body and at the same time help in restoring the abdominal muscles that had since been replaced by fat.

Doctors always try to encourage their patients to learn as much as they possibly can so that by the time they are getting ready for some of these procedures, they know what to expect in the long run and keep their expectations realistic.

Facts you should know before and after tummy tuck

Types of the procedure:

There are a lot of procedures that can be carried out in order to help you achieve your desired outcome. A mini tummy tuck is supposed to tighten the loose skin around the lower abdomen. If you were to undergo the normal tummy tuck, the concept here would only be to get rid of the excess skin and tighten the muscles underneath the section being treated.

Someone who goes for the extended tummy tuck, on the other hand, would probably need help with loose skin and tighten their muscles on the lower torso. Assuming that you are not really aware of the procedure that will work well for you, getting in touch with your physician will be one of the best things you ever did because they can advise you accordingly on the best before and after tummy tuck procedure that will help you get your goals.


The recovery period is usually a number of weeks. You need to know about this ahead of time so that you are ready for the downtime that will come after that. This might see you stay away from work for a while, so you need to make preparations for the same in advance.

This is actually an extensive procedure, and you will need a longer recovery time than most of the other cosmetic procedures that you might go for. In most cases, you generally need something like three weeks to heal. For someone who has ever had a C-section before, the recovery time is pretty much similar.

Depending on the type and extent of the operation you have undergone, you might need someone at home to assist you with stuff for around a week. This is to help you brave the pain that you will be undergoing and to make sure that you do not do anything drastic that would interfere with the stitches. You will, of course, be on pain medication for this, so it would be wise for you to get a lot of rest as your body recovers.

About weight loss:

Contrary to what some people tend to think, what you need to know before and after tummy tuck is that this is not a means to lose weight. It is, however, a very good way for you to make sure that you get a lovely contour. It is all about fine tuning your body shape.

It is advisable that you lose weight before abdominoplasty so that the only thing you need from this procedure is to get help getting rid of the additional fat pockets. If you have had long-standing issues with weight for years, there is no way you will resolve this through a tummy tuck. In fact, it is virtually impossible to do that.

For someone who has already shed a lot of weight, which is actually commendable, try and postpone the tummy tuck for a year or 6 months. This is enough time to help you figure out whether you have finally stabilized at your new weight.

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