Information And Facts About Breast Reduction Scars To Know About

Breast reduction surgery is an invasive procedure designed to reduce excessive breast fat, remove unnecessary glandular tissue, and contour each breast to deliver a desired appearance. The aim is to give breasts a better more proportionate size. Just like a normal liposuction surgery procedure, incisions are made in order to suck out the excess fat. These incisions will leave scars as they heal and more often than not, women who are thinking of undergoing breast reduction surgery will wonder whether the scars will go away and how long it will take for this to happen. Well, in this post you are going to learn more about breast reduction scars.

What Are Breast Reduction Scars?

Breast resizing scars are the surgical marks left behind after breast reduction surgery. They come as a result of the incisions made during the procedure. In most cases, plastic surgeons do whatever they can to make the incisions as small as possible. This helps to ensure that the scars left are not big or visible/ enough from afar. It is important to stress that scars are inevitable for people women who are looking to try out breast reduction surgery or breast augmentation.

How Long Will The Take For The Scar To Go Away

Patients are not the same. The time it takes for breast reshaping scars to disappear in one patient may not be the same in other. In most cases, a number of factors may speed up or delay the disappearance of scars. In any case, though, the scars should be gone after six to eight months since the day of surgery. However, some women may see delayed results. In particular, women who smoke will have a harder time get rid of the scars quicker compared to those who don’t. in case you want the breast reduction scars to disappear faster, you can talk to your plastic surgeon and see if they can recommend some treatments.

Is There Anything Like Scar-Less Breast Reduction

No, there is no such thing as scarless breasts reduction. A lot of women who want to reduce the size of their breast often have one thing in common. The skin tissue and fat around their breast are way too much. There is no procedure that can achieve better results than breast reduction surgery. Since science is yet to find any way to make surgery scarless, it’s always important to expect some scars in case you decide to go for the surgery. A lot of women find scars acceptable collateral in the tradeoff between large saggy breasts with symmetrical and well-sized ones. In other words, it’s better to have well shaped, relatively smaller and symmetrical breast even if they have a small breast augmentation scar somewhere instead of the big saggy ones.

How to Manage Scars After Surgery

There are a number of simple and effective ways you can use to manage the breast reduction scars after the surgery. Although these solutions will not make the scars go away in an instant, they will actually play a crucial role in speeding up the process.

Here are some of them:

  • Specialized breast scar massage can help to speed up disappearance of scars after surgery
  • You can use silicon sheets or readily available scar gels for six months nonstop
  • Wearing Tension-reducing dressing around the breast especially for the first 2 months after surgery can also help
  • You can consider the use of fractionated lasers to help camouflage the scar in line with the color of your skin and its texture

Take Away Tips

Surgery will always leave scars behind. What is important for you as a patient is to embrace this minor deformity. After all, every good thing has a price, besides, it’s not like the breast surgery scars will remain there forever. After some time they will disappear, if you can’t wait to see them gone, there are of course treatments to help deal with this. In light of this, it’s really pointless to worry too much about the breast reduction lipo scars.

Getting smaller, well shaped, and beautiful breasts is a great way to regain your confidence and sex appeal. As for the issues of scars, there are effective ways to deal with them.

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