Instant Face Lift – The Aging Solution

If you are one of those people with a sagging face skin, then the instant face lift tape is your remedy. The face lift tape literally works through pulling your skin backward in order to give you that youthful appearance. Facelift products are commonly used in the entertainment industry by individuals who want to show a younger character of them.

Nowadays, this product is being used at homes by average people. However, people must be aware that, this is a straightforward beauty product, and may end up embarrassing you. This temporary method of smoothening wrinkles has been in existence for over 50 years, and there are still no significant improvements.

How Instant Face Lift Works

Basically, the process involves putting two specialized tape pieces behind the ear on both sides of the face. A string is then attached to the tape and then it is pulled firmly and both ends of the strings tied at the back of the head.

Once this is done, the skin around the chin and cheeks is pulled back and then lifted. The face lifts are positioned in a way that they are hidden by the hair and ears. The tape can either be clear or in a variety of colors in order to camouflage with your skin color.

Keep in mind that instant face lifts are available at beauty retailers or online. They are also easy to apply and remove and were basically made for people who do not want face lift surgeries. You can also try to use several face lift tapes so that the skin around the jaw line and the eyes can be tightened.


One of the advantages of this technique is the fact that the wrinkles and lines are reduced and it may as well smooth the jawline. It is very effective when it comes to the wrinkles around your eyes, and can make older people appear younger without necessarily using expensive or dangerous treatments. Lastly, the technique provides dramatic results and can be applied with ease at your home.


As much as the technique is instantaneous, it’s also temporary and rarely does it tackle the aging skin issue. For instance, skin ages due to slower cell turnover and lack of collagen. In order to solve the aging issues, you have to go to the origin. Pulling back the skin is very temporary and will not reverse the aging signs nor make the skin healthier.


Face Lift Tape Using Tips

While using this skin tape, you might be tempted to pull it until the wrinkles and lines have completely vanished. The problem here is that your face might end up looking fake, thereby causing a funny looking slant to the mouth or eyes.

As you pull the instant face lift tape, ensure it’s only enough to stretch and lift the skin and not the mouth or eyes. A lot of tightness will not only give you a funny look but may also cause slight headaches and discomfort.

As you use this tape, remember to style your hair properly in order to avoid exposing the tape. In fact, it advisable to use tape once you have properly styled your hair in order to avoid any form of embarrassment.

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