Interesting Facts On Asian Plastic Surgery

There is so much that you might have already heard about South Korea and the plastic surgery craze. However, how much do you really know about Asian plastic surgery? Other than the fact that South Korea is pretty much the plastic surgery capital of the world, most of us do not know any other details about this spectacle. In here are some of the most important points that you should understand about it, which can enlighten you a bit.


The main difference between South Koreans and Korean – Americans

Thanks to plastic surgery, most of us can easily tell apart a native South Korean from an American Korean. Indeed, the Korean – Americans still have some of the features that are indigenous to the native Koreans/ However, it is increasingly rare to find someone who has had an eyelid surgery, perhaps in America.

If you head back to South Korea on the other hand, you will notice that there are so many people who are not really comfortable in their skin the way it is, hence these Asian surgical procedures. Other than that, there is a lot of social pressure driving people to look perfect, or resemble the Korean pop stars.

The ideal concept of beauty

Most of the Koreans desire to have the beauty that is associated with some of the top celebrities in Hollywood. Whether it is a big pointed nose, big eyes, the V-line that delivers an angular jaw line or a skinny waist, they want it all.

Traditionally, Koreans have a short nose. However, through Asian plastic surgery, it is possible to have a bridge that makes the nose appear bigger than it truly is supposed to be. Other than that, there is also the desire to have the nose pointed, instead of the conventional flat at the bottom type.


Other than that there is also the belief that Koreans are genetically thin. Because of this reason, they work so hard to maintain this physique. This explains the increase in popular Asian plastic surgery procedures like leg muscle removal, liposuction, and ribcage bone removals. In short, when you are in South Korea, you have to understand that perfection is treated with a lot of seriousness.

Surgical tourism

Different countries have their major tourist attractions. There are so many reasons for travel to a new destination, including pleasure, for the wildlife attractions, sandy beaches and so forth. For South Korea, these are some of the common attractions, just as is the case with any other country. However, other than that, plastic surgery is another major contender.

Tourists who need a brief nip and tuck to alter their appearance in one way or the other have increasingly flown to South Korea over the past decade. This explains why by the year 2012, medical tourism raked in more than half a billion dollars for the South Korean economy.


Weird laws for plastic surgery

There are interesting laws that govern plastic surgery in South Korea. One of these is the requirement that all hospitals that perform Asian cosmetic surgery must keep the by-products in a special container, then have them transported to incineration facilities through specially designated vehicles. Anyone in contravention of these Asian plastic surgery laws is actually liable to a fine of around $9 million and up to a 2-year stay in jail.

Plastic surgery is indeed an interesting field. As a patient, it is important for you to think about the risk factors that are associated with this before you decide to undergo any procedure. Remember that by the end of the day, it is your life that is at stake.


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