Interesting New Technology Uses in Dentistry

Have you waited a little too long to go to the dentist. Are you now running to the dentist because of pain or other dental issues? Or simply do you feel guilty and worried about your teeth?

If this is you, then you need to be prepared. Not because you think you are going to get lectured by the dentist – but because there are a ton of new procedures and new dental technology tools and procedures your dentist now has. This will make dental visits more comfortable. Horizon Dental offers us some great information on the new technology now available in most dental clinics around the nation.

Here are a few of the ways that dental technology has changed in the last few year thanks to newer dental products.

X-Rays Systems

Dental Horizons informs us that today, many dental offices use digital X-ray systems. These work much like a  digital camera. These new x-ray systems replace the more conventional radiology equipment and are a popular dental tool in clinics like those of Horizon.

Why The Change?

Digital X-rays offer better and safer technology.  The process works like this: First, a small little plate that contains a sensor (no more film) is placed in your mouth. This allows the dentist to capture the image. The sensor then sends the image to a computer, where the dentist can analyze it.  The procedure is safer and much faster than the old radiographs.

Besides, there is an organizational benefit as well. Horizons Dental tells us that this new technology helps keep the office files better organized. Your dentist can archive the images and analyze and compare them with other images of your teeth. This allows him to see how your dental work is progressing.

Best of all, the sensor and phosphor plates use higher technology, smaller doses of radiation and they allow dentists to view other aspects such as the bone below. Horizon Dental tells us that this gives the dentist more information on your teeth, which is especially helpful in procedures such as implant placement.

This technology has also changed the work of endodontics – dental specialists who work with root canals. The digital x-ray helps this specialist better view his work to ensure that he has thoroughly cleaned the canal during the procedure.

Lasers in the Dental Office

The experts at Horizon say that In the past, dentists used something to poke around in your mouth. This was called the “explorer” and was used to help dentists find cavities. Now we use lasers,” say the experts at Horizon.

Many dentists have switched to the diode laser. This is a higher-tech instrument that detects and helps remove cavities. The dentist uses the laser to analize and look for cavities.  This instrument helps him find decay or possible decay much more efficiently than the older instruments.


Dentists at Horizon Dental explained how the laser works. The wavelength of the diode laser offers up a low digital display. But if there are decayed teeth, they will glow under the laser light according to how bad the decay is.

The diode laser is not as efficient on teeth that have fillings. However, when used on other teeth, it allows the dentist to perform earlier detection of cavities.

CAD/CAM Technology

CAD is new computer technology that we have seen in other professional fields. CAD stands for “computer-assisted design,” and CAM stands for “computer-assisted manufacture.” This allows dentists to complete restorations quickly and often in just one dental visit. Your dentist can often place a crown or bridge in just one or two visits.

In the old days, when you needed a crown, your dentist made an impression and gave you a temporary crown until your permanent one was made at the dental lab.  With CAD/CAM technology, the permanent crown can be made right in the office.

Veneers are Better

Veneers are the ceramic or porcelain covers that dentists use to cover crooked, mishapen or cosmetically deficient teeth. They are usually placed on front teeth. In prior years says Horizon, dentists had to file down teeth to place the veneers. New veneers are thinner and more efficient. With these new veneers, this shaping is minimal. The dentist does not have to file down the tooth surface as much and this allows for a more natural look.

Better Bonding and Filling Materials

When you chip a tooth, you can have it fixed to look more natural than it would have in the past, thanks to improvements in bonding material and bonding techniques.

Today’s bonding material is more natural looking and lasts longer. When doing a restoration, your dentist adds layers of  bonding material to the tooth to repair it. Today, he has more options when it comes to color shades and blendings for these layers of bonding. This gives the restoration a natural color that blends with your teeth.

Even cavity filling material has changed. Dentists no longer use amalgams and instead use porcelain fillings, which look more natural.

New Dental Implant Technology

Dentists used to fit patients with dentured but now implants are  replacing bridges and dentures, say the experts at Horizon. To place an implant, your dentist first  uses a screw-like device made of titanium. This fits in your jaw to function like the root. over a few weeks the screw fuses into the jawbone and the dentist can place a crown over it. This gives you the same functionality of a real tooth you might have lost.  Today, implants last about 15 years or more.


Bacteria Elimination

Dentists are also winning the fight against gingivitis and gum disease. Often when the gums and bone around teeth does not fit properly, especially when you have a bridge or other dental appliance. Pockets can form in the gum and this is where bacteria can grow. This causes a thinning of the bone and tooth loss.


Dentists like  Horizon Dental use many different types of treatments to help restore gums. They can clean root areas and remove plaque from hard to reach areas or even perform more efficient gum surgery. “Now Dentists across the nation,” say experts at Horizon Dental, “can regenerate gum and bone.” They can restore membrane, bone and promote gum growth.


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