Introducing Grifols Plasma And Its Role In Saving Lives

Plasma is the liquid form of blood. It is the fluid through which cellular components in blood are carried. However, in the last few years, the importance of plasma in developing plasma-based therapy has come to light. Doctors are now using plasma therapies to treat life-threatening ailments and injuries. It is because of these plasma-derived medicines that millions of lives have been saved so far and Grifols has been leading the way in this area. The company has pioneered the development of innovative plasma medicines and with its Grifols plasma collection centers; you have a chance to also play your part in saving lives through plasma donation.

What Is Grifols Plasma?

Grifols is a company that operates in 25 countries around the world. Its main goal is to collect plasma and use it to develop life-changing medicines. However, the collection of plasma is at the center of operations at Grifols. Without donors, it would be impossible for the company to deliver these life-changing medicines and as such, donors are always the most important people in the medical company.  The Plasma by Grifols is collected in over 150 collection centers in the US alone. Each year the company gets millions of donations and this goes a long way in promoting better healthcare and wellbeing for patients around the globe.

Why Is Grifols Leading The Way In Plasma Collection?

There are many factors that donors would consider before they can decide whether they want to donate plasma or not. The great thing is that Grifols plasma has dedicated a lot of resources in creating awareness on plasma donation plus providing information about plasma so that every donor knows exactly what they are doing. With its online-based education library, Grifols allows first-time donors to learn a lot about the plasma program here, the benefits of plasma, and how it’s going to be used. And that is not all, the company has also developed a simple compensation plan that allows you to earn money as you donate. But most importantly, donating plasma with Grifols is 100% safe. The state of the art facilities across the country and the highly talented professionals here will help you donate with ease and you can go home a happy man or woman.

How Many Times Should I Donate Plasma With Grifols?

While the first donation is of course very important. In order for the plasma, you are donating to become meaningful in any way you need at least a second donation. Every time you visit a Grifols plasma collection centers you will be given information about donations and why the second donation is important. However, if you feel that indeed you would like to change as many lives as possible, you can become a Grifols lifetime plasma donor. This means that you will be giving plasma all year round and don’t worry, it’s safe and healthy. The doctors at the Grifols collection centers will work out a plan with you and you will always get reminders as to when you are scheduled for a donation. The FDA recommends plasma donations to be done at most two times in a seven day period. If you are not okay with this, there will be a customized donation plan for you. Just visit any Grifols plasma collection center near you to learn more.

What Do I Need To Donate Plasma At Grifols?

Each Grifols collection center has very specific requirements that need to be met before donors can donate plasma.  There are three subsidiaries that operate Grifols donation centers in the US. Each of these subsidiaries has their own requirements. However, there are still some basic requirements that everyone needs to meet before they donate. To start with, you must be in good physical shape and weight at least 50 Kgs. In case you are donating Grifols plasma at Biomat USA, a subsidiary of Grifols, you will need to be between 18 years and 69 years old.

As for those donating plasma at the Talecris Plasma Resources, you must be between 18 years old and 64 years old. Donors in Nebraska must be at least 19 years old before they donate. You will also need to bring a valid ID with you and proof of social security number.  It is very important to note that the name on your photo ID must exactly match the name on your social security number to avoid any issues. Once you have met these requirements, additional medical tests will be done and you will be told whether you are eligible or not. If you are not eligible, the good doctors at Grifols plasma collection centers will tell why and what you need to do next.

Benefits Of Donating Plasma

The act of giving plasma has saved millions of lives over the years. The plasma that is donated at Grifols is used to create medicines that change lives and transform communities. In addition to this, you will make some money on the side. Donating is also a good way of keeping your health in check. Since there are rigorous medical checks done in every donation, you will be getting additional information about your health status and whether there are any issues to worry about.

Grifols is one of the leading developers of plasma-derived medicines in the world. In case you want to help the company save more lives, you can donate Grifols plasma today and start making a difference in the world.

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