Introducing Octapharma Plasma – A Leading Plasma Collection Center In The US

The calls for people to step up and donate plasma have been quite active in recent times. There is a new realization that plasma has been responsible for the development of breakthrough medicines that have addressed critical medical issues that affect millions of people all over the world. Donating plasma has become something essential and in fact, it is something that continues to play a vital part in saving millions of lives globally. The idea of donating plasma is not as complicated as it seems. Any adult in good health can donate and with these small donations from different people around the world, the development of life-saving medical solutions is possible. At the moment, octapharma plasma is one of the top plasma collection companies that operate in the US. The company has helped collect plasma to help in the saving of millions of lives.

What Is Octapharma Plasma All About?

The main objective for octapharma plasma collection is to ensure that the supply of plasma does not run out. The company was founded a few years back and its mission has always been to create a convenient option for plasma donors to donate and save lives. So far, the company has been at the forefront of plasma collection and continues to partner with stakeholders in different communities to achieve its goals.  Octapharma operates about 58 plasma collection centers in different states across the United States. The company has about 3000 employees and is rated as one of the most successful and professional plasma Collection Company in the world. If you ever needed to donate your plasma in a safe and effective manner, this would be the place to go. And besides, you will get some money for the troubles.

Where Can I Find Octapharma Collection Centers?

If you have been entertaining the idea of becoming a plasma donor, then you can, of course, find octapharma collection centers and donate. At the moment, octapharma plasma has donation centers in over 25 states. If you are keen on finding the right center, you can visit its website anytime. Once you get there, you will see an icon titled donation centers. You will be redirected to a page that has a list of all available donation centers by octapharma, where they are located, and how to get there. Choose the center that works best for you and arrange an appointment to come and donate. Better yet, you can just show up anytime and donate. If octapharma does not have a donation center in your state, you can always donate in different states as long as you can get there conveniently. Don’t worry about eligibility, once you visit the donation site you will be tested for eligibility in just 20 minutes and you can donate.

What Do I Need To Donate?

Well, there are a few things you will need to bring with you in order to give plasma. While octapharma plasma ensures that the process of donating is easy as possible, in order to verify that indeed you have met the requirements set, you need to present a few documents. Your driver’s license will be one of the most important ones. If you don’t have a driver’s license or perhaps you have lost it, come with any proof of identity. In addition to this, you will need proof of your social security number. These documents simply verify your age, your name, and your residence.  In addition to this, the octapharma center for plasma collection will ask you additional questions that might be personal. Don’t worry; this information will not be shared with anyone.

The questions are simply designed to make sure that donors are in good health to give the plasma. Once you have answered the simple questions, some tests will be done on your blood and you will be good to go. The tests will also include alcohol blood tests. Remember you are not allowed to donate plasma if there is alcohol in your blood. If you are scheduled to donate plasma, avoid any alcohol at least 24 hours before the day you are supposed to donate. This will help reduce any complications.

Nutritional Tips for People Who Want To Donate Plasma With Octapharma

The need to make sure that all octapharma plasma donors are in good health is very important. It is because of this that octapharma takes additional steps to make sure that all donors are in good health. If you are keen on donating your plasma on a regular basis, here are some nutritional tips from octapharma collection to keep in mind:

  • Drinking lots of fluids is very important before and after the donation. Donors are advised to drink at least 8 cups of water or juice before they donate and after they have donated plasma.
  • It is also important to eat foods very rich in protein. Proteins are important in helping in the regeneration of new plasma. Some of the foods to eat include beans, beef, cheese, milk, eggs, and Nuts.
  • Iron rich foods are also highly recommended. Iron is one of the most important minerals in the synthesis of blood in the body and will play a critical role in helping donors recover after donations and prepare well before they donate. Foods rich in iron include; chicken, Broccoli, Collards, Ham, Beef, and breakfast cereals

The Don’ts for Plasma Donors When It Comes To Diet

There are some important don’t that octapharma plasma recommends for people who wish to become plasma donors.

Here are some of the major ones:

  • The plasma collection center recommends that donors avoid eating fatty foods after the day of donation or one day before you donate. Foods like French fries, potatoes chips, sweets and such like things should be avoided.
  • Do not drink any alcohol the day you are supposed to donate the plasma
  • Make sure you sleep well, resting is important in helping the body recharge and especially after donating the plasma
  • If you are on antibiotics or any other type of medication, you will be given guidance at the donation center as to how you can donate.

What To Do During The Day Of Donation

Once you are now ready to donate, you will be required to turn up at any of the octapharma plasma collection centers near you. In order to make sure that you have a great time donating, there are a few important things you can do during the day of donation. To begin, try and wear comfortable clothes. Since the plasma is collected through the veins on your sleeves area, clothes that can easily be pushed up to your shoulder are highly recommended. If it’s winter, you can wear a short sleeves shirt or a sleeveless top that is not too tight. In addition to this, since you may be required to wait for some time before you are attended to, you can bring your phone or laptop to keep yourself busy.  All the plasma centers by Octapharma offer free WI-FI. In that case, you can entertain yourself through social media or any other form of online entertainment to keep yourself busy as you wait your turn. This makes sure the 2 hours go fast before you know it.

How Will Octapharma Collect Your Plasma?

The collection of plasma from your blood is a very advanced scientific process. There are specialized medical machines that are used to do the job. All these machines are available in all plasma donation centers run by the company. The first step is taking the blood. Your blood is the source of the plasma so it is essential to give it. The blood will be run through special equipments and centrifuges to separate the plasma and the other part of the blood.

The doctors will take the plasma for storage and then you will have the other components returned to you using a saline solution. The other components in blood are then platelets, the red blood cells, and the white blood cells. This process at octapharma plasma is not in any way painful. Apart from the small pinch, you feel when the injection is made on your arm, the rest of it is something very comfortable. A bandage will be applied on the area injected once the plasma is collected. Normally, the small injection wound takes two days to fully heal. You will be given additional instruction by the plasma donation site on how to care for the small injection wound in the two days required for it to heal fully.

How Does It Feel After Donating Plasma?

A lot of donors feel no discomfort after they donate plasma. However, donors are not the same and how you feel will depend on many things. There are donors who may feel a little dizzy after donating. However, this will go away after an hour. You will be given some refreshments after donating to ensure you are fully recovered before leaving the donation center. However, this is something you get used to when you become a regular donor.  There are people who donate plasma on a very constant basis and they have come to get used to the entire process. In addition to this, you will feel a lot of joy in your heart.

Remember plasma donation is a life-saving process. The people who take the time to donate save millions of fellow Americans and other people all over the world. This kind of joy is often overwhelming and it will encourage you to come back at the octapharma plasma and donate again. As always, if you want to become a regular plasma donor you will be scheduled for additional donations if you so wish. Just talk to the staff at the center and they will direct you accordingly on what you need to do in order to become a lifetime plasma donor with Octapharma.

Plasma is needed on a regular basis to create medicines that treat rare conditions. The plasma comes from donors like you so keep it up. If you are yet to begin donating, you need to start as soon as you can.  The plasma you give no matter how small it is will play a part in saving millions of people from chronic ailments and even deaths.

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