Introduction to Cool Sculpting Weight Loss

In 2010, FDA approved cool sculpting weight loss in the US. It is the only procedure for fat freezing approved by FDA. It reduces love handles, bra bulges and fat removal in other parts of the body with the use of a cooling paddle. What made this procedure quite popular is the fact that it is a noninvasive way of fat removal from specific parts of the body, making it ideal for spot reduction of weight.


It is a method of fat freeze weight loss where one does not require any surgical procedures. It can be effectively used to get rid of stubborn fat that defies things such as diet and exercise. The results are noticeable and are long lasting. The procedure involves the use of paddles that are round to suction fat and skin like a vacuum. Cooling panels crystallize the fat cells for about 2 hours. It is slightly uncomfortable though many people handle it very well. One experiences suction and cooling and eventually the area goes numb. The procedure is so relaxing to a point where you can choose to take your laptop with you when you are going for the procedure and use it to catch up on work or watch a movie as the session is going on. You can also choose to take a nap.

For those looking for mild improvements, this is the procedure to go for but it is not recommended for people who are looking at removing lots of fat, as in liposuction. Before you go for cool sculpting weight loss, it is better to first go for a consultation, where the doctor will look at various factors such as age, part of the body where you want to lose weight and how pinchable your tissues are in the areas where you want to lose weight before any treatment commences.


You will need to go for a number of treatments before you see the results. You will at least get fat reduction, an improved waistline and reduced bulges in all the right places.  Fat freeze weight removal does not lead to weight loss though, since muscle weighs more than fat. Though reducing the fat that is spilling over is also an achievement. Using this treatment method will result in you losing a dress size or two and having better body proportions.

The procedure is permanent but you will need to watch what you eat because if you put on weight it you will start piling up fat again on your body. You must commit to changing your lifestyle through your eating habits and diet. The risks of the procedure are minimal since the procedure is noninvasive. There are no wounds and swelling. The coolsculpting machine has its limitations compared to a surgeon. Your nerves may feel numbed for weeks or even months.

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