Is CoolSculpting Safe? Find Out The Truth About Freezing And Eliminating Stubborn Fat

Touted as an innovative way to contour your body that involves no needle, no anesthesia and no scars, CoolSculpting is a topic that has been on the tips of tongues recently. Can it really be done? Can you cool fat cells in certain areas of your body to near freezing causing them to crystallize, shatter and die?


According to scientists at Harvard University, that is the case!

Indeed, years ago, scientists at Harvard University noticed that children who ate a lot of popsicles experienced fat degradation in the cheeks; a fact demonstrated when the children got dimples in their cheeks. This led the scientists to postulate that the ice pops were freezing and breaking down small pockets of fat cells without affecting the surrounding tissue and damaging the skin.

The rationale is that fat is more temperature-sensitive than skin and therefore undergoes cell death with controlled cooling before the skin does. This realization led to the advent of cryolipolysis or CoolSculpting, a medical technology designed to target stubborn fat cells leaving the skin itself unaffected. The result is a slimmer you with the sculpted shape you want, especially in problem areas like your flanks, inner thighs and abdomen.


The question is: Is CoolSculpting safe?


When you hear things like cryolipolysis, cell death and freezing fat cells until they crystallize and shatter, it’s only natural to feel a little skeptical about the side effects of CoolSculpting and whether it will be painful. After all, we’ve all been hardwired from a very young age to believe that the way to get fit and lose weight is through exercise and diet. Anything else is an abomination and may lead to severe consequences.

However, in the case of CoolSculpting, the science is proven and the technology is proven. This medical treatment is based on years of research and sound science with more than 60 scientific and clinical papers published about it. The procedure is completely non-surgical and safe.


Indeed, for many people, no matter what they eat or how often they exercise, there is no losing those love handles that everybody hates or taming those troublesome thighs. They are on the lookout for a fix and that’s exactly what CoolSculpting does. It uses controlled cooling to target and freeze stubborn fat cells. In the weeks following the intervention, the body processes and eliminates the dead cells and the fat deposit is gone for good. No scars, no anesthesia, no downtime! But is CoolSculpting painful?

As the name suggests, cryolipolysis can be a little chilly so you can expect a mild discomfort from the intense cold initially until the area numbs. Some people have also reported some pulling and tugging but apart from these, you will experience no pain.

Cryolipolysis also has no known side effects with the exception of redness and firmness immediately after treatment. You can also, in some cases, experience mild bruising around the edges of the treatment area but the side effects will subside within a few hours. Should the side effects persist for more than 2 weeks or worsen over time, do not neglect to consult a physician.

So is CoolSculpting safe? The answer is yes!

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