Is Freezing Fat Weight Loss At Home Possible With Ice Packs?

Is it possible to shiver your way into a slimmer body? Can you lose weight? Freezing fat weight loss can be achieved when someone shivers, as research has shown. This is because when someone is cold, the brown fat tissue in their body is burned up, so as to keep the body warm. This essentially results in one losing weight.


People have two types of body fat, brown body fat and white body fat. This body fat helps the body to maintain a steady body temperature by providing insulation in the body, which helps to prevent loss of heat. The white body fat is mainly present around the stomach area, around the thighs and at the back of arms, which causes those areas to look flabby.

Prolonged exposure of the white fat to extremely low temperatures has been shown to convert the white fat into brown fat, which aids in fat removal. Lose weight by cranking down the thermostat for even a few hours a day during winter months. This will help in converting white fat into brown fat in your body.  As you shiver, your body burns up the brown fat in the body as calories, therefore you will end up losing weight.

This process is known as thermogenesis.   For instance, sitting in a room that is at a temperature between 10 – 15 °C while you are just in a pair of shorts. Freezing fat weight loss will start to happen as the process of mild thermogenesis begins. Extreme thermogenesis can be achieved if you wear ice packs in your vest and trousers. This will result in intense shivering; hence you will burn up a lot of calories.

On average, 90 grams of brown fat can produce about 500 calories a day. This is approximately equal to one hour of an intense workout session.

You can apply this principle in helping you achieve cryo freeze weight loss at home. You can do this by applying ice packs on parts of your body where you want to shed extra fat. This will encourage the white fatty tissue in the area to convert to brown fat and encourage weight loss.


How to apply ice-packs

Wrap ice packs in a thin cloth and then apply it on the target area for half an hour to an hour for fat removal. Lose weight by doing this at least once a day for two weeks.

To minimize risk of frostbite, make sure not to apply ice packs directly on your skin, wrap it up first with a cloth. Also, take off the ice packs from your body for a few minutes as you are using them, so as to give your skin a break before returning them to the area.


If you notice any signs of frostbite while using this method, immediately discontinue the use of ice packs and gradually warm up the area. Signs of frostbite include

  • numbness in the area
  • blisters
  • tingling sensation on the skin
  • redness
  • the skin becoming tight

Also, if you are a smoker, you have low blood pressure, you are a diabetic, or you use beta blockers, then don’t try this without first consulting your doctor.

Due to the risk of hypothermia, this method is best used for spot reduction in small areas of the body rather than for losing weight all over your body.

This simple home treatment will help you to improve the overall appearance of your body by sculpting particular areas.

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