Is It Possible To Have A Breast Lift Without Implants?

There are several medical techniques that you can undergo in order to restore your breasts to a youthful shape and position. If you are looking for bigger breasts, then consider a breast lift with implants. But if you are okay with your cup size, then go for a breast lift without implants. Statistics from plastic surgeons indicate that one of the most commonly used plastic surgery is breast augmentation. However, breast lift has increased by more 70% since 2000, and thereby outpacing augmentation by 2 to 1.

The objective of any plastic surgeon is to give you beautiful and natural looking breasts that are also proportional to your body frame. If your breasts have lost their firmness, elasticity, and shape due to gravity, breastfeeding or pregnancy, undergoing a breast lift will raise nipples and breasts to a higher position.

Do you Really Need Implants?

If a woman has got enough breast tissue that the surgeon can use in making firmness or the woman doesn’t need larger breasts, then implants are not necessary. The surgeon normally raises the sagging tissues towards the breasts top using small incisions in order to reduce scarring and then reshapes them in order to give them a perkier and soft look.

However, in a section of women, creating sustainable fullness especially in the upper pole through breast lifts can be very challenging. But if your breasts are too small for reshaping, the best option would be breast lift with implants. In the end, you may realize that long-term fullness will be attained when implants are used.

Generally, it is more economical to have a breast lift without implants, but most importantly, you should be satisfied with the size of your breasts. The decision should entirely be based on your goals and anatomy. In other words, you should look at implants on fullness basis and not size.

What is a Breast Lift?

This basically entails the removing of some part of the skin in order to the raise the breast tissue and skin, resulting to firming and lifting of the breasts. This is normally carried out as a bilateral process but it may be performed on a single breast in order to get symmetry with the other breast after a reconstructive procedure.

Just like other body parts, breast sag with age too. The structures that hold the breasts together end up becoming weaker. Although sagging can be worsened by factors such as childbirth and stretch marks – the major cause of sagging is age.

The breasts are supported by the breast ligaments and skin. The process of repairing the ligaments is very complex and we, therefore, focus on the skin. Part of the skin is eliminated and the breast and nipple are raised, resulting IN a breast lift.

When should you consider a Breast Lift?

The following case scenarios explain when you should consider a breast lift.

  • If normal aging, pregnancy, gravity, breastfeeding, heredity or weight loss or gain has taken a toll on your breast shape, leading to sagging.
  • If the tissue around the areola or nipple has started to stretch.
  • If the areolas and nipples are facing downwards, especially when they are located below breast crease.
  • If your doctor believes that breast implants will not give you the contour and fullness that you need.

This surgery can successfully be performed on heavy, large breasts, but it may not bring out long-lasting results like when the same procedure is carried out on small breasts.

Generally, if the woman has enough breast tissue, has realistic expectations and in good health, you are the perfect breast lift without implants.

What is the Average Cost of Breast Lift without Implants?

This varies from one doctor to another but the average cost of a breast lift ranges from $4,000-$6,500, which again depends on how the lift is going to be. For instance, a very extensive surgery would mean more time is spent, thus increasing the cost. Some patients only have little ptosis that only needs a mini-lift, while others have extreme breast drooping which calls for a regular breast lift.

The cost includes the surgical center fee, the board certified anesthesiologist, the surgeon’s fee as well as the follow-up office visits.

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