Is milk A Better Option for your teeth?

Q Dental Suggests: Milk Could Protect Your Teeth

The Right Foods Can Keep You Mouth Healthy

Having nice and clean teeth is a priority suggest dental professionals like Q Dental. It is important, that Americans across the nation make their teeth a priority, and part of this requires you to pay attention to the foods you eat and drink

Q Dental informed us that concern is continuing to grow more and more each year when it comes to nutrition and teeth. New studies are continually finding new associations, and one of these that we want to address today is the link between milk and teeth.You should note though, that there are many foods and drinks that can do damage to your teeth as well, including those that are thought to be healthy, especially if they have added sugars.


The Importance of a Well Balanced Diet

Q Dental agrees that when we mention proper nutrition, we are talking about eating a well-balanced diet so that your body can accept the nutrients needed for good health. If your diet consists of little to no nutrients that your body needs, your mouth will have a harder time trying to fight off infection. When you eat poorly your body does not have needed nutrients and this can cause health problems but it also leads to gum disease and tooth decay, even tooth loss. Eating foods with sugars, starches, and carbohydrates contribute to the development of gingivitis and plaque. Almost all foods, including milk and vegetables, contain some type of sugar, which will break down tooth enamel and cause infection.

Is milk good for your teeth?

In recent dental news, experts were ecstatic over a study that suggested milk to be a  food item that is good for your teeth. And while it certainly has some benefits, after all, calcium is important for the body. It helps build strong bones and dairy products have a lot of this mineral. However, we must remember that milk also has a lot of sugar, which is not good for your teeth. Still, one cup of milk offers about 300 milligrams of calcium, and your bones and teeth keep most of your body’s calcium.

Dairy also Fights Cavities

Experts in the medical and dental fields now know that dairy products such as milk, yogurt and cheese can actually reduce cavities. These food products create a type of film on the enamel. This helps protect teeth against acids. The coating you get from dairy product can help prevent your teeth from further decay. Milk has minerals like calcium and phosphorus, and these have the ability to strengthen tooth enamel.

Dental specialists like Q Dental also believe that you might want to try a glass of milk after eating sugar, junk food or sticky foods. This can help minimize the damage and  wash away the acids levels in your mouth.

 More Milk Please!

Lot’s of foods contain calcium, but dairy products are better because your bones tend to absorb the calcium from it better.  And if you’re watching your weight, use skim milk. This type of milk will give you the same benefits as whole milk. However,  if you do not like milk, you can get calcium from other dairy productss like yogurt and cheese. These are also good sources of calcium rich foods that can give you that extra protection for your teeth.

Stay Away from Carbonated Drinks

Q Dental suggests that if you have kids at home, you want to limit sugars and simple carbs, but can instead include more dairy products in your diet. Just remember to also refrain from using sweeteners, syrups and flavorings as these sugars will cause you more harm than good.

Don’t Forget The Oral Care Basics

Sure, you want to take in plenty of dairy products. This will make your family’s teeth stronger and protect them against decay, but you can’t forget about a good oral hygiene. This is a key factor in maintaining healthy and strong teeth. Make sure you and your family use good oral hygiene practices.



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