Is Natural Breast Enlargement Effective?

Men love larger breasts. Magazines such as Playboy capture the imagination of men through putting photos of well-endowed women posing nude or in sexy lingerie. According to Playboy, a total of 47 percent of men look at a woman’s breasts first before any other parts of the body.

What about those women who are not gifted at all? Would they suffer in vain or is there any solution to their dilemma?

Before we get into the solution of breast enlargement naturally, let’s dig down deeper as to what are the probable causes of having small breasts. This will pave the way of coming up with the right, effective and all natural solution to increase the size of a woman’s breast.


There are three reasons as to why some women do have small breasts:

  1. Genetics
  2. Malnutrition
  3. Hormonal imbalance

Among the three, it’s hormonal imbalance and malnutrition that would be much easier to resolve. Doing a technique or two will make any woman increase her breasts’ size naturally. Most people have this notion that growing breasts is all about pleasing the man. This is not the case. There are scientific basis as to why it is much better to have larger breasts than smaller ones.

Benefits of Growing Your Breasts

  • Men interested in becoming a father are attracted to women with larger breasts

According to a Psychology Today, the study connotes that men who want to become a father are attracted to women with larger breasts. Having larger breasts means a woman has the capacity to bear and nurture the baby. It has also been noted that there is a correlation between the hormone responsible to make a woman fertile and having larger breasts.

  • Breastfeed

According to WebMD, breast milk has antibodies. It will help the baby to have high immunity in order to fight bacteria and viruses. Also, it lowers down the risk of having allergies or asthma. There will be fewer trips to the doctor and hospitalizations.

For women who want to breastfeed their babies, it is important to have large breasts. It makes breastfeeding easier.

How To Increase Breasts’ Size Naturally

There are two methods to increase the size of a woman’s chest. It can be through undergoing surgical procedure or by using techniques for breast enlargement naturally, namely, food and massage.

Let’s discuss how to have larger breasts through the use of natural means.

  1. Food


Estrogen is responsible for breast growth. It consists of estriol, estradiol and estrone. Estradiol is the strongest among the three. It makes the breasts develop during puberty. Thus, eating food that is rich in estrogen will make the breasts grow naturally.

Food Rich In Estrogen and Phytoestrogen

  • Fruits like apples, cherries, plums
  • Vegetables like beets, carrots, cucumbers
  • Grains like barley, rice, wheat
  • Seeds like flax seeds, sunflower seeds, fennel seeds
  • Herbs And Spices like garlic, parsley, clover


     2. Massage


This technique helps in toning a woman’s breasts and at the same time helps in secreting the needed hormones for natural breast enlargement.

Doing the right strokes for fifteen minutes will make your breasts relax, will assist in regenerating the tissues found on your breasts and will eliminate the toxins accumulated through wearing a bra. Also, be sure not to wear a bra when you go to bed as it will help in keeping the hormones balanced.

Does Natural Breast Enlargement Work?

It solely depends on the individual. If you are a woman, who is eating foods rich in estrogen on a daily basis and incorporates breast massage, the result will be eminent. Breasts enlargement is similar to keeping one’s body fit and healthy. If you do eat the right kind of foods and incorporate cardio exercises on a regular basis, the result will soon follow. This means natural breast enlargement does work. It is just the result would vary from one woman to the other.

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