Is There Much Difference Before And After Breast Lift?

A breast lift helps to restore sagging breasts by lifting them and making them firm. This is normally done on both breasts, even though in some cases the procedure can just be carried out on one breast. This can be done following a reconstructive surgery to achieve symmetry in both breasts. You should be able to notice some major differences before and after breast lift.

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Here is what is observed before breast lift

  • Sagging breasts due to aging
  • Areolas which are too big
  • Nipples that are pointing downwards
  • Stretch marks
  • Lack of symmetry between breasts


Here is what is observed after breast lift

  • Reduced stretch marks since some of the skin on the breasts is removed.
  • Scarring will occur. The size of the scar is determined by the procedure which was carried out. The beneli or lollipop procedures produce the smallest scars, so most women prefer these operations to others.
  • Firmness in breasts


In order to observe changes in your breast lift before and after results, there are some things that you can do

  • Take photos, so that you can compare the before and after images
  • Take measurements of your breasts and compare them

Two images of female chest showing right breast: figure one showing tissue removed in mastopexy (breast lift); figure two showing final position of nipple and incisions. referenced from:

To qualify for the procedure, you must meet certain standards

-Your breasts will be measured to determine the distance from your nipples to your sternal notch. If it is more than 8 inches, then you are a good candidate of having the procedure done.


-You must be in good physical health and not be under any medication.

– You must be over 18 years old

-You should not be planning on breastfeeding


Taking breast lift photos and holding them side to side will show the big change that your body has undergone.  That is why you should have the pics taken before your surgery. You can do it yourself or you can ask your doctor to do it just before the procedure. You can have the before and after breast lift photos taken while you are standing up or you are lying down. For privacy purposes, you don’t have to include your face. This is in case the photos are leaked; people won’t know that those were your photos.

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