Is There Such a Thing as Tooth Transplantation?

Dental Implant Pictures Show This Process to Be Easier But…..

As an adult, when you lose a tooth, your dentist will recommend a tooth implant as a preferred treatment. He will show you pictures of dental implants and proceed to tell you how it is done. Basically,  This is where a dental specialist will insert a titanium screw structure into your jaw, and this structure will hold a ceramic or porcelain crown. The implant is not living tissue.  You will notice the difference in the below pictures of dental implants.


However, when a child needs a tooth to replace an incomplete root or tooth development, in some cases,  your pediatric dental team will recommend a tooth transplantation instead of the dental implant. This is a real tooth transplantation and not an artificial reconstruction as we see in the pictures of dental implants.


 What Is a Tooth Transplant?

This is a transplantation of a living tooth from one place in the mouth to another. It is a new way of physically replacing lost or missing teeth with other teeth from the same person. In cases where young children have incomplete root development this can be a possible treatment that allows for a real tooth to grow in the replacement spot.


The Risks

This is a relatively new procedure in dentistry and there is a risk. This is the risk of a nerve in a tooth dying and thus requiring an additional root treatment correspond closely to the how the root has developed.


Adults May Be Eligible in Some Cases

Adults who alread have roots, can in some cases, also have teeth transplanted. However, the dentists needs to perform an additional root treatment for the process to be complete.

To qualify for this treatment a patient needs to be treated for gum disease if necessary. He or she should not have any oral infection before undergoing this type of transplant. He/she also need to be free of cavities.  The dentist will first remove the tooth where the transplanted one needs to be. He will also remove the tooth that is to be used as a transplant and place it in the location.  The dental specialist will the use a suture to fix the tooth in place.

Tooth transplantations are one of the newest dental technologies and an impressive feat in modern dentistry. This procedure offers a good alternative to the use prosthetic implants. If you need more information on this type of procedure be sure to ask your dentist about tooth transplantation.


Alternative Treatment

Alternatives to tooth transplants are the typical and more conventional dental treatments of dental implants and dental bridges. Not all dentists decide to do a tooth transplant, there are times when this type of treatment is impractical. Your dentist will best decide on the treatment in course for your particular situation.

Tooth transplantation caries minimal risk when you use an experienced oral surgeon.  Of course, in rare situations complications can develop. These may require further oral surgery or treatment. Below we have listed a few of the complications that can occur when you have a tooth transplantation:

  • The newly transplanted tooth does not take hold.
  • Infection in gums or bone
  • Damage to other teeth, gums or bone.
  • Broken jaw

Luckily, these complications are very rare thanks to new dental technology.


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