Certain Foods Stain Your Teeth: So Stay Away from The Sugar Plums and Sugar Fairies This Season

Ho, ho, ho Not Everything Sweet is Good For Your Teeth

Like scoring that big date, having that beautiful life changing event, getting married, finding a great job, a white smile is the stuff that dreams are made of. The truth is that your teeth do affect your image,  your self-worth and your motivation, so you want to keep away from foods that might stain them this holiday season suggest many different brighter white teeth whitening specialists.

Dentists and patients have wondered about this for some time now. “So much so that important research has been made into the importance of  whiter teeth.” suggest the experts we interviewed. The following article is based on the opinion of the dental teams from  All Access Dental and Pearland Modern Dentistry

The doctors at AAD showed us a recent investigation where researchers found that people with whiter teeth are perceived as being more socially confident, smarter and more satisfied with their life.

According to brighter white teeth whitening dentists, other studies show that a brighter smile also leads to more success in  both professional and personal life. Because we realized that this was an important topic for our readers, we asked our contributors at All Access Dental to help us put together a list of foods and beverages that you should limit or stay away from for this holiday season.

We know that the holiday season  is in full swing,  and everyone is making an extra effort to look their best. However, there are foods and beverages that we sometimes consume almost on a daily basis, and these can be detrimental to that white smile we have worked so hard to get. make sure you know what these foods are before you indulge. this way you can take the time to  make special dental hygiene  breaks.


What Causes The Stains in The First Place? We asked the guys at All Access

Your tooth enamel changes as you get older. it’s like a piece of ceramic that gets those fine  lines over time. Staining materials can get into the little cracks and crevices of the teeth, but don’t worry, there  are ways you can prevent the staining, and you can start by avoiding the foods that have these three things.  

  • Chromogens — Substances with  strong pigments that stick to enamel
  • Tannins — plant-based pigments that make it easier for stains to stick to teeth
  • Acids — these make enamel softer and rougher, so it’s easier for stains to set in

We asked Pearland Modern Dentistry to list a few of the foods you should stay away from this season. So here are a few foods and beverages that can easily yellow your teeth because they have at least one of the above components. Beware because they are extremely prevalent in foods and on dinner tables during the holiday season. 



Almost everyone knows that coffee can stain your teeth. It is a Darkly colored beverage that contains tannins and it is also highly acidic. The dark color transfers to teeth over prolonged and frequent exposure. This can give your teeth a yellow colored stain and the acid in coffee can eat away at tooth enamel if it’s not quickly removed. When the acid eats at the enamel and wears down to the Dentin, the color of the tooth will appear yellowish, as the interior dentin has a yellowish tint, suggests the doctor at Southwest. So, if  you decide to go out for coffee during the holidays, add some milk to your beverage to tone down the tannins and the acid.  We aren’t suggesting you give up your coffee, just that you do so with moderation.



Tea is less acidic than coffee say the guys at Pearland Modern Dentistry, but it does still contain tannin and can discolor your teeth. Just be conscious of the different teas that are available and their different coloring effects. Be sure to brush after your meal to reduce the risk of coloring caused  the tannins in tea. You might also consider choosing higher quality teas as these leave less of a color stain on your teeth.

Sports and energy drinks

Contrary to what advertisers have you think, sports and energy drinks won’t do any favors for your smile suggest experts in brighter white teeth whitening processes. These beverages contain acids that are destructive to the protective enamel coating of teeth. “They can also provide a breeding ground for bacteria caused by their sugar content;” suggest the dentists at All Access Dental. Try to avoid the sports in energy drinks all together suggests the All Access team,  and instead favor a good night’s sleep and proper hydration with water.

Red wine

“Red wine also has a considerable number of stain causing tannins  like coffee and tea,” suggests All Access. But instead of a yellowish tint, it can cause a lackluster grayish color on your teeth. All types of red wine have this effect when you drink a large quantity of wine over time. Keep a toothbrush handy and brush your teeth as soon as you’ve finished drinking your wine. This will eliminate the  chance of discoloration on your teeth.

White wine

White wine is not that great an alternative to red wine say the guys at Pearland Dental. This is a bit more acidic than red wine and can harm tooth enamel say brighter white teeth whitening experts. When this acid is left in contact with your teeth, it can corrode the outer layer of your tooth enamel and expose the  yellow dentin underneath. This will in the end look like yellow staining. If you do enjoy a glass or two of white wine this season, follow it up with water to help wash away the acids from your teeth.


Blueberries, Blackberries, and Pomegranates

The dentists at All Access Dental tell us that these fruits may be chock-full of antioxidants and good for your health, but you must remember that they are richly pigmented berries and can stain your teeth. Brush your teeth after eating blueberries or blackberries. Keep all of the health benefits of the anti-oxidants but not the drawbacks.


Fruit juices

Fruit and Berry juices are full of acids  and sugars, especially when they come from a jar or box. This is a bad combination for teeth as the acid breaks down and get in between your teeth, exposing them to harmful bacteria. Sugars that remain on your teeth after drinking sugary fruit juices are a breeding ground for bacteria which attacks the inner part of the tooth and causes cavities. A  yellowing effect can occur because of a buildup of bacteria, plaque and tartar. Consider switching out that juice for  water as it is the best way to quench your thirst.


Citrus and Acidic Foods

That yellow tinge on your teeth might be due to acidic foods like citrus fruits and tomatoes. These foods are nutrient packed but the acids can eat at the enamel and expose the yellow-hued Dentin.



Pearland dentist note that all carbonated beverages are acidic. The bubbles of carbonation are actually carbon dioxide that causes a chemical reaction in your mouth and turns into acid. This acid is harmful to tooth enamel and weakens it, making the tooth more vulnerable.  Avoid these beverages, and instead choose non carbonated drinks during your holiday season celebrations.



We’ve all heard that Sugar will rot your teeth stories, and if truth be told, the stories are not that far off. The sugar is in treats like cookies and cakes stick to your teeth and become a favorite meal for bacteria in your mouth. When bacteria feeds off of this sugar, it releases acids that lead to tooth decay and cause tooth staining.


Bottom LIne

No one is to say that you shouldn’t enjoy the holidays and the special foods and beverages available during this time of year. However, you should be aware of  the damage some of these foods can cause.  it is easy to prevent the staining of your teeth simply by carrying a toothbrush with you and practice good  oral hygiene immediately after consuming these foods.

Enjoy the holidays!


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