Just Two Crucial Tips Help You Avoid Dental Plaque

A Dentist in Miami Shows Us The Way

So you worry about dental plaque? You are not alone. We have also given extensive thought into how to we can easily explain this condition and why it is important. To help us give you some insight we have gone to a specialized dentist in Miami who we will not name to protect his anonymity. But this is what he told us.

Dental plaque is not something you want to write home to Mom about. In fact, this type of plaque, is a real enemy, and since childhood, we were taught to avoid it, as this is the dreaded enemy of our teeth. So how do we avoid it? As the dentist tells us it is by using good brushing and flossing techniques. It is this that can help you can prevent the deadly plaque. But what else can you do, or  avoid doing- to prevent plaque buildup from changing that beautiful smile? Our Miami dentist gives us a few tips. 

They say it is simple! Just practice good dental and oral hygiene habits and you and your dentist can make plaque disappear. 


What is Dental Plaque?

Our dentist in Miami tells us that this is a mixture of acid and bacteria. These acids are the substances the bacteria secrete. Bacteria produce a kind of chemical called mucopolysaccharides or as we know them acids. The bacteria live on a film created by the acids and the combination is known as a biofilm.

In the beginning, this sticky film thin and easily removed by brushing your teeth well.  But if you let it go, getting that film off can be difficult, and you can not do it yourself. This is when you need a dentist to clean your teeth professionally. Regular acid that is not removed either by your or the dentist, becomes tartar and starts to erode the enamel and make holes in your teeth. These quickly become cavities. 


What is Tartar

This is hardened plaque that must be removed by your dentist, say the Dentists in Miami.Once you have tartar, you need to visit your dentist where he can remove it with special tools. This is something you really need to pay attention to as tartar above the gum line also contributes to gingivitis and gum disease, which can eventually lead to tooth loss. 

You want to avoid plaque Build up at all costs. There’s no secret into how you need to remove this bacteria. You have read it, listen to it at school and heard it from your parents.. But bad habits have a way of returning, especially when you have other priorities. here are two bad habits you want to avoid to keep plaque from sneaking up on you.

1:You Don’t Brush Regularly

Sure you might get by with it and no one will notice. but if you don’t brush your teeth twice a day everyday you will get plaque. To brush correctly:

  • Put the brush part of the toothbrush up against your teeth. Turn the brush bristles up or down to a 45 degree angle. Start to move the brush in a circular way. Do this on all the teeth in your mouth. Brush each tooth on both your upper and lower jaw.  Do the same for the interior of your teeth. 
  • To clean the inside area on the front teeth, tilt the brush vertically, but again at a 45 degree angle. Make several small circular strokes You should also brush your tongue as this removes any bacteria or films from the surface and helps freshen your breath.  

When you brush, you need to brush all areas, but even then this can not always get into all the spaces between the teeth. This is where plaque can grow. To get rid of this you should floss ever day. This clears plaque out before it can become tartar. Plus if you do not remove it, plaque can get past the gum and cause gum disease. To clean between your teeth you can use dental floss or the new interdental brushes and even tape.



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