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Large Breast Implants Before and After – Pre-op

Breast cancer concept - Woman holding her breast

The effects of large breast implants before and after, are vast and often leave women feeling more positive towards their bodies which directly gives them a better outlook on life and peace of mind.  There are many reasons to get large breast implants to give women a better sense of themselves.  Perhaps having a small breast size makes them feel inadequate and ignored and they need a pick me up to help them be noticed and feel beautiful and appreciated.  If for some reason you were not blessed with the well endowed breasts of a Greek Goddess and feel that it is affecting they way you live and think about yourself then you can now have the option to get the breasts you deserve that will help you gain confidence.

Breast cancer concept - Woman holding her breast

Make your decision carefully and research plastic surgeons to find the right one for you that has return customers, for the right reasons of course, and puts safety first.  In many cases women want to go straight for the large breast implants which can be dangerous depending on the individual.  It is possible for some women to go straight to large implants but you need to consider your own safety of large breast implants before and after surgery.  It may be possible to go big straight away but you may need to go smaller first, or should I say not quite as big, before you go to large breast implants.  This will allow the skin to stretch enough to be able to accept larger implants later on.

Large Breast Implants Before and After – Post-op

Good plastic surgeons will stay in contact with their patients for large breast implants before and after surgery and in many cases you can find testimonials from actual patients on a particular doctor’s or clinic’s websites.  Schedule a consultation and discuss the information with your surgeon and their staff to get all the information you need.  Make sure to get all the information you need to know before and after the surgery.  Average recovery time after breast augmentation is between four to six weeks, this can be different from patient to patient and in some cases it can be much sooner.  Most clinics recommend that the patient doesn’t drive for at least two weeks after surgery.  Patients may have trouble sleeping after surgery because they are not accustomed to sleeping on their backs and many have found the solution by using two pillows to be slightly elevated.

Sensitivity or lack of may occur with nipples but usually comes back within six weeks.  There have been less than five percent who have completely lost nipple sensitivity but it does occur.  There are always risks to having any surgery but plastic surgery for breast augmentation has become quite safe and complications are rare.  There have been some cases of blistering reported in very few cases, particularly with very large breast implants.  Bruising is more common but typically goes away within six weeks.  Your plastic surgeon should contact you about your large breast implants before and after the surgery to make sure everything is going well and that there are no complications.

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