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Large Breast Implants – Self Confidence

Silicone implants on hand and natural brest

Many women find themselves wanting to get large breast implants for several reasons.  These reasons vary from person to person and are not universal, but in the end most women find they feel better about themselves and have a higher self confidence level after receiving them.  Women noticeably look better in their clothes and are happy to have the newly found attention that large breast implants can bring.  You should always think it through first and make sure you want large breast implants.  Although there does seem to be quite a bit of buyers remorse from going too small and many women end up having multiple surgeries to get the size they want by going bigger, even so you still need to think it through.  You should always do your research and make sure you choose the right surgeon that will put your safety first and not the bottom dollar.

Silicone implants on hand and natural brest

Take a look at pictures of others who have had the surgery and what size they went for and try to find large breast implants photos of women who are close to your size to get an accurate estimate; otherwise the same surgery may look dramatically different on you if you have a different frame.  Though you may want to go for large breast implants right away you may have to go through a process first.  In some cases it is necessary to do more than one surgery before going large to allow your skin to stretch and become used to the new size.  You can get large breast implants that look very natural as most women are looking for, however you can also get very large breast implants that look fake and round which is also popular for some women who are not concerned whether it is common knowledge that they have had breast augmentation.

Large Breast Implants – Risks and Rewards

The average breast augmentation averages around two hours or sometimes longer depending on the plastic surgeon.  Recovery times tend to vary quite a bit from person to person but the average recovery time for large breast implants is usually around 4-6 weeks to return to normal activity.  With good surgeons problems are uncommon but they do occur.  Problems can range anywhere from bruising to blistering and sometimes large breast implants may droop, requiring an upgrade.  There can occasionally be issues when women gain or lose weight too quickly or become pregnant.  Large breast implants do not interfere with breast feeding should a pregnancy occur after surgery.  It can interfere with mammograms to check for cancer but most who perform mammograms have experience with this and can use alternative methods to check for breast cancer.

There have been some reports of women losing sensitivity in their nipples but it has been less than 5 percent of women losing full sensitivity permanently, there may be some sensitivity loss on a very temporary basis but it usually returns within 4-6 weeks of recovery.  The risks of large breast implants, within reason, are minimal but the rewards can be great and give you more confidence and make you feel better about yourself.

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