Laser Body Sculpting Treatment

There are new and improved ways of getting the body you desire since nowadays people are obsessed with how they look. Some people can get the body they desire by exercising and dieting but for other people, it is not that easy. There is a non–surgical way of losing stubborn fat and excess skin. Laser body sculpting helps get rid of the excess fat and lose skin and helps you achieve a well-toned and healthy body.  The fat that has accumulated in your body melts away when it is subjected to the heat from the laser. The fat breaks apart with no damage being caused on the tissues in the surrounding area.

The blood vessels coagulate cutting off the blood supply, which sustains the fat deposit.  When the fat has been removed and the skin tightened, the results will be visible and you will enjoy a well toned and shaped body. You will get your desired body without any cuts or incisions.


Ideal Candidates for Laser Fat Removal

The people who are most suitable for laser fat removal are those who are willing to live a healthy lifestyle and do not necessarily want to lose weight but want to lose weight in certain problem areas in their body, mostly in the hips, thighs and waist. This procedure is not meant for those who are overweight and are looking to lose weight but it is perfect for those who would like to work on certain areas. Laser bodysculpting is not recommended for pregnant women or are planning to become pregnant or for those with pacemakers. It also will not solve hormonal, metabolic and physical issues that cause you to put on weight.


How Laser Bodysculpting Works

Laser lipo is a non invasive procedure that focuses on fat while not interfering with other tissues in the body.  The laser pokes holes into the fat cells on the lower body making them deflate. The fat cells are retained since if they are removed they can appear in other areas. The fat is then released into the interstitial fluid and comes out of the lymphatic system. This is also a good way to cleanse the body since toxins are stored in the fat.

You will be asked to remove the clothes on the lower part of your body; you can keep your inner wear on.  You will then lie on the table and the machine will be adjusted so that the laser can be aimed at the areas which should be shrunk.  This will take about 20 to 40 minutes and you will not feel anything.  You will not feel any pain; there will be no swelling or tenderness. You can go back to work immediately and you can also exercise or go back to your normal activities.

After the procedure, since the fat is being released into your system you might feel tired, sick or woozy especially if you are not taking enough water. The water is meant to flush out any toxins and fat out of the system.

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