Latex Allergy? Tell Your Dentist

Allergies can be a real pain! They can even go so far as to cause problems when you visit the dentist or doctor says the research team at the University of Iowa college of dentistry. It becomes especially trying when you have a latex allergy. This is when going to the doctor or dentist can be a real issue. However, this does not mean you should avoid the dentist. There are ways you can prevent these allergy risks from affecting your dental visit.

When you make your first dental appointment, get an early morning appointment. This way you won’t find any particles floating around in the air that can get to you. You know the particles your dental office may have because your dentist is using latex gloves with other patients. You’re more likely to avoid the air borne particles of latex by arriving early, suggest the experts at university of Iowa college of dentistry.

Be sure to inform them of your latex allergy. Tell them you need to be sure to avoid coming into contact and explain that you are not just allergic to the gloves — but also to any latex that remains dental tools or items in your dentist’s office.  The team of dental specialists can help you avoid being exposed during your visit by taking special note of your allergies.

Another option is to take gloves with you, say the experts at the University of Iowa college of dentistry. Make sure they latex-free exam gloves as this way you won’t accidentally come into contact with latex, and you can avoid having an allergy attack.

The Univerity of Iowa team say that you should wear a medical alert bracelet. you should always have one as this identifies your problem in case you have a very bad reaction and need emergency medical attention.

If you’ve had a severe allergy attack, be sure to tell your doctor and get a prior prescription for epinephrine. Ask your dental specialist to teach you how to take this medication.

If your dentist needs to hospitalize you, be sure to ask for a latex free room as well as a latex free examination room.


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