Lip Injections Cost And Other Important Things To Note About The Procedure

Lip augmentation is a form of cosmetic surgery that is designed to give you fuller and plump lips. The most common approach used by plastic surgeons today is the insertion of dermal fillers. The procedure is ideal for people who are looking for bigger, plum, and juicy lips. No doubt the lips are a significant part of your facials and you have to always take care of them. The lip augmentation procedure gives you that chance and in case you have been considering it, you may want to know the true lip injections cost. Well, the cost of dermal fillers will depend on many factors all of which will be explored in detail in this post.

What does The Lip Injections cost?

The average lip augmentation cost using dermal fillers is not definite. This is simply because different fillers used in lip augmentation cost differently. On average the cost will range between $500 and $2000. Restylane and Juvederm are the most commonly used dermal fillers in lip augmentation. One syringe of Restylane, for example, goes for $600.  For proper lip augmentation, you might need two syringes to get the job done. This will, of course, total to around $1200. There will be additional anesthesia fees and pre-surgery tests fees. In the end, if you can have a budget of $2000 for each treatment then you will be good to go. Since the fillers used in lip augmentation are not permanent, you may require treatment at least twice of thrice a year. Each treatment will cost differently but $2000 will be quite enough. In case you feel that perhaps the lip injections cost is too high for you, you can still save some money by going for proven yet cheaper plastic surgeons.

What If I Don’t Like The New Lips After Paying Lip Injections Fees?

While it is always very important to manage expectations right before the surgery begins, in some rare occasion some people may not like the new plump lips after treatment. Well, there is nothing wrong with that. This can easily be reversed. Since the fillers used are nonpermanent, there is an eraser enzyme injected into the lips that will erase the results of the surgery in five minutes. As for the lip augmentation injection costs, you will not get a refund. In any case, though, the process to remove the fillers and restore your initial lips will be part of the overall fees so you won’t be charged extra money. To avoid any loss, you need to clearly understand what lip augmentation is about. Take a look at before and after pictures of patients who have done the surgery and see if you are okay with it before paying for the lip improvement treatment fees.

What Dermal Fillers Should I Use?

It’s not really up to you to decide which dermal fillers are to be used for lip augmentation. A lot of doctors will recommend exactly what you need. However, at the moment Restylane is the most popular dermal filler for lip augmentation. Juvederm is also used in some cases but Restylane is the most common. Restylane offers better results and will last up to six months before another injection is needed. The lip injections cost always factors the filler to be used and Restylane offers the best quality at the best price.

Do I Need Recovery Time?

No there is no recovery time needed when it comes to lip injections. Once you have paid the lip cosmetic surgery fees the injections will be made and in about thirty minutes you will see instant results. If you want, you can go back to the place you work and continue with your daily tasks as normal. There is no swelling, bruising, or pain after the injections.

What If I Can’t Afford The Lip Surgery Fees?

There are so many people out there who are genuinely looking to have lip injections done yet they don’t have the required finances to get the job done. You don’t need to worry. Lip augmentation is not like organ transfer that it has to be done urgently. You can come up with a savings plan that allows you to put the money together for a period of about three months. In addition to this, there are some doctors who can work with you to come up with a payment plan that will eventually help you get the surgery done without having to fork out the initial lip injections lump sum needed.  But if you are really keen on getting the surgery done without worrying too much about the lip injections cost, then you can explore a number of tips. Here they are:

  • The cost of lip surgery may vary based on the location you are in. If your city charges a bigger fee than you had hoped for, you can consider having the surgery done in a different city where charges are cheaper
  • It’s all about the small details. Compare and contrast costs from different plastic surgeons and see if there are any opportunities for saving money
  • Negotiate – even though this is a little bit unusual, there is nothing wrong with asking for a price break. Just visit the plastic surgeon you have decided to work with, explain your situation and see how they can help you. You will be surprised how many surgeons are empathetic to your circumstances.

What Is Covered In The Restylane Lip Augmentation Fees?

The charges for Restylane lip augmentation fees are often designed to cover everything you will need. This includes the surgeons’ fee, the anesthesia fees, and the fees for the hospital or the facility where the procedure is going to be done, and also restoration fees in case you do not like the results of the surgery. However, the lip injection cost may not be able to cover the tests that need to be done before surgery is commenced. Since the process is noninvasive and extremely safe, there is no need for follow-up visits to monitor the recovery. This saves you a lot of money in the end.

Is There Value For Money In Lip Injection?

Paying almost $2000 for a lip injection is not easy and as such, for someone who is already planning to pay the full lip injections cost, there has to be a question of whether this procedure will be worth it. Well, it is worth it and there are a number of reasons that make this case. To begin with, with a one-time fee of less than $2000 you can enjoy quality plum and fuller lips. This can last up to six months so it’s really a great deal. In addition to this, the injections are quite safe. The lip augmentation injection fees will cover everything and since there is no downtime or recovery, post treatment expenses are zero. Finally, you also get to enjoy a safe lip augmentation option that actually gives you instant results. These are just some of the simple benefits that would definitely make the idea of lip injections viable especially for the price they come for.

How Can I Get The Right Surgeons?

Even though there is no doubt a lot of people will prefer to pay as little as possible for lip augmentation, most know that quality comes first. The reason why people wouldn’t mind to pay the extra dollar is simply because of quality. After all, it makes a lot of sense to pay for an experienced lip augmentation surgeon who will deliver results even if it means paying higher than you are okay with. There is no margin for error when it comes to plastic surgery and cheap can sometimes be very expensive. In that case, don’t worry too much about the lip injections cost. Focus on finding a quality surgeon and you can worry about the prices later. There is a great diversity of surgeons today that offer lip augmentation. Each surgeon has his or her own way of doing things but ultimately, your goal should be to find the best service without necessarily having to pay an unreasonable fee for it. This takes time and lots of research so give yourself at least two months before you do any surgery to locate and find just the right expert and the best fee for lip injections.

Lip augmentation can be a great way of improving your facials and bringing back your young and confident look. Even though the costs of lip augmentation vary, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get a good deal that works for you. Contact a plastic surgeon near you and see how you can get started with lip injections at great prices.


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