Lip Reduction Surgery And How It Works

Having big juicy lips is not always a problem. After all, a lot of people desire them. The issue arises when the lips are too big for your face. In addition to this, there could cases where your upper lip is way bigger than your lower lip or the lower lip is bigger than the upper lip. This can really affect how you look and impact your confidence and self-esteem negatively. But you don’t have to live with this for the rest of your life. Professional lip reduction surgery can help resize your lips to match your face and restore symmetry between the upper and lower lip. Your appearance, especially on the face, is always a combination of many features and the lips are some of the most important ones.

Candidates for Lip Reduction Surgery

Lip surgery is not for everyone and as such, it is important to know if you qualify as a candidate. The first thing is to be sure you want to get the surgery done. You must be in good health and have realistic surgery expectations. If you have overly large lips that are out of touch with the other parts of your face and you are not okay with it, you a can have the surgery done. A consultation with a top surgeon in this area can help clear nay doubts about suitability.

How Is Lip Cosmetic Surgery Done?

The lip cosmetic surgery is done in a professional manner using a standard surgery kit. Once you visit the doctor’s office, anesthesia will be administered. As soon as it takes effect, an incision will be made on the upper lip or the lower lip where the excess fat and tissue will be removed.  Most of the time lip reduction surgery is paired with additional contouring procedures. This is to ensure that, as the excess tissue and fat are removed, there is a contouring process in place to keep the aesthetic look of both lips perfect. On a normal day, the surgery will take between 15 minutes and 30 minutes.

After Surgery Care

Recovery from a lip reduction procedure will take a maximum of two weeks. There will be some mild discomfort a few days after the surgery, though. Some patients also experience swelling and bruising. In order to speed up the healing, it is important to always maintain an upright posture as much as you can. However, all these issues are common for two weeks and you will be back to your job and the other day to day activities after that.

Lip Liposuction Costs

While the cost of lip liposuction is not standard, the average amount charged in the market today ranges between $ 1, 000 and $ 3, 000. The cost variations will be determined by the location of the surgeon and the experience or pedigree they bring to the table.

How To Get Started

In case you feel that there is one lip that messes up your entire face, you can schedule a consultation with a surgeon to discuss your options. Since this is a procedure that might be new to many people, it helps to, first of all, hear opinions of different practitioners and settle with the most realistic one. Even though it will take more time to finally know what Lip reduction surgery is all about, once you commence the surgery you will have no fears.

The lips are very central in the entire facial appearance. Great lips will give you a great look. With lip reduction liposuction, you can get the ideal lips today.

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