Liposuction Before and After Results

Liposuction is a surgical procedure through which fat deposits are sucked out from particular parts of the body. Such are deposits that never seem to go away no matter how much you diet or exercise, and can only be removed through surgical procedures. This is, as a matter of fact, one of the most commonly sought after surgical procedures for getting rid of unwanted body fat.

Liposuction has always been one of the relatively safe procedures, though from time to time they have still been improved in order to improve liposuction before and after results that the patients get when they go under the knife. There are several misconceptions about liposuction that people have, especially that once it has been carried out, the individual will be able to lose weight and gain a slim and beautiful body.


It is important to note that laser liposuction before and after the surgery does not and is not aimed at making you slim in the event that you are fat. What it does is only correcting abnormal body figures, so if you are seriously looking to cut some weight, you should be very keen on exercise and going on a diet.

The removal of excess fat normally is aimed at making sure that the patient has a better-looking body, better contours, and shape. The fatty cells can be removed through a number of processes. It can either be done through PAL (power assisted lipoplasty, UAL (ultrasound assisted lipoplasty, tumescent technique, super wet technique, and VASER. All of these treatment techniques are aimed at making sure that the patients are able to get the results that they want and at a faster recovery time.

Though laser liposuction before and after surgery can be carried out to patients of all ages, it is recommended that you have it done earlier on because the younger the skin you have, the higher the chances that you will have the best results.

There are a number of concerns that patients normally have when it comes to liposuction before and after the procedure is done. These concerns, when best addressed make it easier for them to go for this procedure. It is always wise to ensure that you get a better understanding of what you are getting into so that you can go for the procedure with an open mind.


Are the results permanent?

Once liposuction is done, the new shape your body attains is pretty much permanent. If you happen to gain some weight after liposuction, it will simply be a larger version of your new body shape. Take note that the fat cells that are removed from your body in the course of this procedure never grow back into the body.

If you do not gain excessive weight, however, our new body will be permanent. Remember that even with liposuction, there are some natural elements of the body that will still remain constant. As you advance through the ages, your body will experience the natural processes and changes that are associated with aging. However, the true benefits of liposuction will always remain, especially if you take good care of yourself.

How much weight will I lose?

While sucking the fat deposits from the body will deliver some amazing results, you need to be as realistic as possible with your expectations. Do not expect that you will lose a tremendous amount of weight in the process.

However, by taking into consideration the fact that fat is generally removed from parts of the body that are cosmetically important, you can indeed expect an improved aesthetic appearance. You should, therefore, not look at liposuction before and after it is done as a means to lose weight, but to improve your cosmetic appearance.

Can the fat cells grow back?

When you undergo laser liposuction before and after surgery, the fat cells are permanently removed from your body. They will never grow back. You should take note, however, if you do not practice proper oral and lifestyle habits, there is a good chance that new fat cells will develop especially when you start packing some significant weight.

If you gain just a little weight, the existing fat cells in the body will basically start accumulating fat within their cells and grow bigger. If you increase by at least 10% of your overall body weight, however, fat cells will, in fact, start developing in all parts of your body, including those that had already been put through liposuction.


Challenges of gaining weight after liposuction

Over the years, we have noticed that the more weight you gain after liposuction, the less dramatic the results will become for you. Ideally, a normal person is supposed to weigh less after the procedure has been done, basically by a small amount equal to the weight of the fat that was removed.

A good example, if a 160-pound woman undergoes two liposuctions, each removing up to 5 pounds of fat, she should pretty much be weighing 150 pounds or slightly less than that. However, if she were to gain some 10 pounds some weeks after liposuction, the cosmetic results will still be appealing, but not necessarily optimal.

Can fat come back to the treated areas?

Provided that you do not pack a significant amount of weight, liposuction before and after you should not have to worry about this. Fat will not come back to the treated areas. However, if you start adding a lot of weight, then there is a good chance that the reverse might happen.

If I gain weight after liposuction, where does the fat go?

If you gain weight after liposuction the fat will, in fact, have to go somewhere in the body. Naturally, fat accumulation takes place in all parts of the body. This is normally proportionate to the amount of fat cells that are available in each of the body areas.

Parts of your body where laser liposuction before and after surgery had been done will generally accumulate less fat than the others. Therefore, assuming you had liposuction on the hips, abdomen and outer thighs, more of the fat will be deposited in other parts of the body like the legs, back, face and breasts.

Pregnancy and liposuction

Most women are worried about this. During and after pregnancy most women will normally pack some weight. However, after a liposuction, pregnancy will not permanently alter the results. In fact, if you have a liposuction and become pregnant, your liposuction results should return after you give birth and lose the excess weight associated with pregnancy.

How much fat can I expect to shed?

The most amount of fat that you can safely remove from your body is up to 8 pounds (4 liters). The higher the amount of fat that is removed from your body in one day, the higher the risk of dire complications with the process.

If you need to have more than 8 pounds of fat removed, the safest bet would be to have different surgical procedures, each spread by a 3 – 4-week interval.


I want to see my results

For most of the patients seeking liposuction before and after, you will see up to 90% of the results between 1 – 3 months after the surgery. The first weeks after your liposuction, you will experience postoperative swelling.

The swelling will, however, subside based on the type of laser liposuction before and after technique and method the surgeon used, or the care method prescribed. If you had ultrasonic assisted liposuction, your postoperative swelling will last longer.

If the operative technique used adits over linear incisions, you can expect to see results at least in one month. If the surgeon closed the incisions with stitches, your swelling should subside in 2 – 3 months.

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