Luminarc glassware

When someone mentions glassware, what is your first thought? Sounds boring? Well, maybe from a practical standpoint. A glass is a glass, some would say. But glassware is one of our everyday conveniences that serves and helps us in so many ways it’s not even funny. Whether it’s for cooking, drinking, decorative purposes, or even as art forms, glasses and glassware in general may seem like items that most people don’t need to pay much attention to. But there’s a lot of history, tradition and even amusing facts about glassware. Well, maybe not absolutely entertaining for everyone. But a bit of extra trivial knowledge never hurt anyone and it may even make you look at glassware in a different light. So let’s start with something you’ve all probably had some interaction with, especially if you’ve ever been or live in Europe. Like Luminarc glassware. Doesn’t sound familiar? Don’t worry; you’re about to learn a bit more.


Luminarc glassware brand and history

Luminarc glassware is one of the most popular brands of glassware currently in Europe, being used almost everywhere from private homes to big hotel establishments and other commercial businesses. We don’t want to bore you too much with numbers, so let’s just mention that the company currently manufacturing Luminarc glassware was formed in 1825, in a small town called Arques, France. The company had a different name then and basically manufactured hand-made demijohns. What are demijohns you say? Well, demijohns are quite large containers that can be used for storing or even brewing beverages through fermentation. It’s those big bottles that have been used for a lot of awesome stuff, like making your own moonshine, beer and wine. They’re typically quite large and can store 20-60 liters of liquid, depending on its size. Demijohns are also one of the rare items that have a recognizable name almost anywhere in the world. English speaking nations call them demijohns, the French call them dame-jeanne, Croatians call them demižonke and so on. Since it is obvious why exactly demijohns are so beloved and useful worldwide, Luminarc glassware was a success and eventually expanded worldwide.

Luminarc glassware availability

When we say that Luminarc glassware expanded worldwide, we really mean it. If you’ve ever had a drink in some coffee shop or fast food chain that serves beverages in glass bottles, you probably drank from Luminarc glassware. Remember those glasses that McDonalds occasionally gives away when you order certain menus? Yes, most of them are also Luminarc glassware. Luminarc glassware, or specifically Arc as the company owning the Luminarc brand is the leading manufacturer of glass and crystal products in the world. That’s a long way to go from just selling demijohns, don’t you think?


Luminarc glassware brand cooperations

We already mentioned a bit of the availability of Luminarc glassware, but it still doesn’t really cover how much of their glassware we actually interact with in our daily lives. For example, ever ordered a drink in a bar, like a Guiness or something similar and received it in a Guiness-branded glass? Yes, that was probably Luminarc glassware. Luminarc glassware is often branded separately, and is available for many small businesses or private collectors. If you have a certain kind of drink you like, chances are there’s a Luminarc glassware product with your favorite beverage brand logo available for you.

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